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Ding Junhui
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Ding Junhui Ding Junhui

Birthday: On April 1, 1987
Area: Chinese Jiangsu appropriate is promoted
The world ranks temporarily: The 31st
World of nearly 2 sports season ranks: 62-76
Turn professional time: 2003
Go up sports season total stake: 36225 pound
Professional career total stake: 66145 pound (settle accounts comes before 05-06 sports season)
Formal match single pole is highest cent: 141 minutes (Wenbuli's Great Master was surpassed 2005)

Professional competition is main achievement:
China surpassed champion publicly 2005
2005 British tounament champion

Brief introduction:

By flower the Ding Junhui of the astral " that media says to do " east, introvert, eager to do well in everything, be outside soft inside firm child, fit table tennis campaign very much. He contacts table tennis 8 years old partly, 13 years old obtain an Asia to invite sports season army, from now on title of " prodigy " not diameter and go.

In May 2002, year only Ding Junhui of 15 years old captures for China champion of first Asia tounament, become the youngest Asia champion. Of the same age on August 31, he obtains world youth billiards again (Sinuoke) tounament champion, become champion of world of the first billiards of Chinese. On the Asia Game October, ding Junhui with 3 pull champion of capturing snooker singles than Su Bosen of player of 1 conquer Thailand, adapted the history that China does not have gold on project of Asia Game billiards, obtain together with teammate inferior runner-up of carry billiards party. Came to held world billiards tounament to go up in Egypt on November 2 on October 20, 2002, ding Junhui lists the 3rd, made the same score veteran Guo Hua tertiary of contest of world bright and beautiful is best 1997 achievement. On December 15, 2002, chinese billiards association issued " China billiards to Ding Junhui " of special contribution award.

In August 2003, stand in Hong Kong of dual meet of Ou Ya's Great Master and in Thailand station match, ding Junhui for two times the world ranks conquer at that time first mark - Williams Mu this. In September 2003, ding Junhui turns formally for professional player. Feburary 2004, ding Junhui is in 6: The 3 tall that beat the world to rank the 16th - clique luck, enter Wenbuli's Great Master to surpass 16 strong wonderful instants, the common people that lets England is between one night the understanding, table tennis boy that liked to get on this to come from east.

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