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Liu Song
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Liu Song

Citizenship: China
Full name: Liu Song
Birthplace: Tianjin
Give unripe date: 1983.12.8
Nation: Chinese
Height: 170cm
Weight: 65kg
Hold lever convention: The right hand

Liu Song from 1995 contacts billiards, begin normal Sinuoke 99 years to train, had had 6 years of time up to now. Drive style is gentler, remain in psychological quality respect at farther promotion, the stability when the match is bad, now and then bet a ball to adjust psychological quality. The lose when error, afflictive, meeting very control the mood at that time hard. At ordinary times practice a ball game is assiduous, think assiduous it is the best safeguard that obtains better result. Liu Song has hope very much to the table tennis career of prospective China, he says: I think to want to hit had hit, otherwise is not hit. Meet before the Chinese is hit 16.

Liu Song is right 147 broad table tennis lover people say with the friends that support him, I can have been done sign up for everybody to support mine back and forth! !

Liu Song is one of 5 players that at present our country goes to Si Nuo of British go on an expedition 5 times to overcome a profession to surpass, we expect he can obtain better result.