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Pang defends a country
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Pang defends a country

Citizenship: China (Beijing)
The age: 25 years old
Native place: Beijing
Discharge the place now: The whole nation the 5th
Most the table tennis athlete of appreciation: Si Difen. Henry gets benefit
What belong to a club: Ministry of Er of all of astral card billiards
When to begin to play table tennis: By 1989
Ego maxim: Do not experience harships, how to see rainbow

Single pole is best in the match achievement:

Champion of dual meet of star of north and south is odd 1996 lever record: 135

The most unforgettable thing in career of table tennis motion:

Attended world cup total final on behalf of Chinese team 1996.

The condition that thinks professional ball hand should have: Confidence is assiduous

Brief introduction:

Began to play a ball game 1989, chinese billiards throughout history makes the player of 15 Gong Qiuqing stages the first times.

In its the Ceng Zhansheng in professional career obtains the Steve · Davis of world champion 6 times too; And world rank first writinged brush · hopes about 1998 Jin Si; With article of benefit of Ou Sha of · of Long Ni of famous ball hand, Jimmy · conceives special grade.

Represented the champion that Chinese team carries off Asian cup organization is surpassed in May 2001.

2002 tounament of the 16th Asia the 3rd.

Attended the 14th Asia Game to win organization silver medal on behalf of China 2002.

Come 98 years Chinese profession was ranked 2002 the first.

The world profession billiard ball that held in Cambria in May 2002 surpasses with one action publicly to infiltrate 4 strong, also become before the first enters the world to rank 128 China player at the same time.

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