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Jin Long
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Jin Long

Citizenship: China (city of Liaoning bright and beautiful)
Full name: Jin Long
Give unripe date: On May 23, 1981
Native place: City of Liaoning bright and beautiful
Hobby: Table tennis
God: Si Difen. Hengdeli
Use ball lever: Master
Drive habit: The right hand
Single pole is highest cent: 144 (exercise) ; 142 (the match)

Ego summarizes:

Contacted table tennis 96 years in April, the family member begins not to support, be afraid of impact study;
Obtain Liaoning 98 years to save elite to surpass champion, of the same age obtains Liaoning to save " again 16 colour of " of 7 stars cup 9 balls surpass champion and " of " Ou Liou publicly champion;
Went to Guangzhou 98 years on June 23, but because maintain bread hard, be forced to come home. Not reconciled to thinks later again south below, but the family member does not agree, later oneself the award that the match wins before- - 3 color television sold, collect 4000 yuan of money, the holiday says Shenyang has the competition, go by way of went to Guangzhou again.
98 years the level begins to rise substantially, win the championship of the countrywide invitational tournament that holds in Fosan;
99 years countrywide periphery surpasses 3 stations to be seleted (runner-up of the first station / the 2nd station the 10th / Ji Jun of the 3rd station) , the whole nation is ranked the 3rd;
Of the same age wins championship of countrywide organization tounament;
Obtained champion of invitational tournament of elite of whole nation of " of cup of Shenzhen " the four seas to be on Asian itinerate contest 2000 hit single pole 131 minutes;
Acquired group of elite dual meet 2001 / individual champion.

The individual hopes to be able to enter world of world profession stage, before rushing into 32 strong, hope can hit in domestic game. At the same time hope China billiards increases a match, increase propagandist strength, conform with international as soon as possible.

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