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Yang Qing day

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Yang Qing day

Citizenship: Xi'an
Full name: Yang Qing day
Birthplace: Shaanxi visits Xi'an town
Native place: Xi'an
Give unripe date: 1981.10.19
Nation: The Hui nationality
Height: 178cm
Weight: 62.5kg
Devotional: Mohammedan
Disposition description: Extroversion
The ball has a brand: Master
Lever head asks: La Zuan
Ball lever value: 3000 yuan
Hold lever convention: The right hand
Drive style: Aggression, quick control
God: Henry gets benefit
Highest cent record: Train 140 matches 118

Rank of countrywide profession billiards surpassed Shijiazhuang station champion 2004
Jinan of contest of rank of countrywide profession billiards stood 2005 4 strong

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