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Xiao Guodong

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Xiao Guodong

Citizenship: China
Full name: Xiao Guodong
Birthplace: Chongqing
Give unripe date: 1989.2.10
Nation: Chinese
Height: 178cm
Weight: 65kg
The ball has a brand: HANDMADE
Ball lever value: 8000 yuan
God: Sha Liwen
Other interests: Computer
Near future target: Play game of good whole nation
Long-dated target: Go to England making a profession
Best achievement: Professional Si Nuo overcame a rank to surpass winner of award of award of runner-up, single pole, a dark horse 2004

Xiao Guodong is a member that one side can have spherule of very deep impressional, after the contact, this kind of sense is more strong. Undemonstrative some are bashful, conversation is very direct, when asking about the food that whether has avoid certain food, he says none hesitantly: ” of “ green vegetables. Looking is a pure teenager.
5 years old begin to contact table tennis, practice Sinuoke formally also having 3, time of 4 years. Drive style with fast give priority to, error should collapse like the day like coming down. Maintain as far as possible when position is good, flabby and time ego adjusts. At ordinary times everyday the time of practice a ball game 6 ~ 7 hours are very assiduous, think to be opposite conscientiously for athlete of billiards of a profession very important. Professional Si Nuo overcomes a rank to surpass Shijiazhuang station with one action to take next runner-up, single pole, a dark horse this year 3 large award. The younger generation will surpass the older!

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