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Liang Wenbo

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Liang Wenbo

Citizenship: China
Full name: Liang Wenbo
Birthplace: Heilongjiang million east city
Give unripe date: 1987.3.25
Nation: Chinese
Height: 180cm
Weight: 60kg
Lever head asks: La Zuan
Ball lever value: 4000 yuan
Hold lever convention: Left hand
God: Henry is gotten benefit, small sunshine
Other interests: Fitness
Created record of single pole of countrywide profession match 145 minutes 2004

Liang Wenbo begins 13 years old to contact table tennis below father's guiding, shi Congwu Wen Zhong. It is an aggression model player, at ordinary times the time of practice a ball game everyday 7 ~ 8 hours, very assiduous, think to regard a competent profession as the player, the rate that holds conscientiously is 99 % . When speaking of the mood when how control error, liang Wenbo says: “ is brave in to face new beginning, hard ” of keep one's hair on. Position is at present a lot of better than before (stability) , find oneself still is not very stable, state of mind, cultural quality remains to rise. Bet a ball sometimes, have certain help to psychology. Domestic ball hand and foreign ball hand are mixed in state of mind, condition there is bigger difference on system.

—— billiards is the pursuit of desire of a kind of ego, expectation can go in before the world 16 strong

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