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Billiard and pool training base run club "Nine days after the ball," Guiyang "
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December 16, Pan Xiaoting world billiards champion billiards at the Guiyang-run training base in China, Pan Xiaoting Billiards Club was set up flagship store in Guiyang. The base is the first in the country run by Pan Xiaoting 31 Billiard Club chain's flagship store, is also the first chain's flagship store in Guizhou. The club is located in the provincial capital city under the Concord Ro ad, 4th Floor, Sedum, an area of 1,000 square meters of display English "snooker" pool table 2, imported American "Brunswick" pool table 2, the American sixth on behalf of the fancy "Star Brand" billiard table 24. Ball room design professional, as a world class race units. Pan Xiaoting great talent pool, just a few years of study, has been promoted to become a world-class player. Yesterday 9:00 over minutes, cut the ribbon from the time the club there are more than 1 hour, Pan Xiaoting Sedum fans early in the backyard of the city and ambushed a building. Sure enough, the "nine days after the ball," Pan Xiaoting next in the escorting guards appeared on the scene, it attracted a stir, her fans are old, there are young, have loved billiards, there are not like billiard come, have vied with her photo camera, the entire room was packed, the security personnel may be busy bad. Cut the ribbon for the club until the Pan Xiaoting to the ball room for billiards demo, please Pan Xiaoting signed photo of the people still reluctant to leave. "The country's 31 Pan Xiaoting Billiard Club, that is, I created the initiative, its purpose is to sports as a means of universal physical education, while giving you a fitness, recreation, friends, new places." Pan Xiaoting said. It is understood that Pan Xiaoting Billiards Club was founded in 1992, originated in Jining City, Shandong Province Pan Table Tennis, after nearly 20 years of experience, and now has become the guide of the development of sports billiards and pool habitat for the sports enthusiasts, Billiards Pan Xiaoting the club witnessed almost 20 years of Chinese history of billiards. Pan Xiaoting when reporters learned that, in 2001, Pan Xiaoting as the introduction of talent in Shanghai to move to Shanghai. Billiards in the world community, the reputation of Pan Xiaoting is Ruleiguaner, Pan Xiaoting Billiard Club is ringing in the national reputation. Pan Xiaoting day revealed that he recently received a disciple of plans. Pan Xiaoting man and his deeds Pan Xiaoting, born in 1982, the current Vice-Chairman of Shanghai billiards, Shanghai Sports Federation members. In 1997, she began to follow his father to pool training, six months later won the national championship. In the world's top events, she has aspirations to 6 times world champion, national ranking, the highest international ranking second.