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British Championships - Marco Fu was reversed by the tragic sweep of the empero
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UK Snooker Championship in 2010 to continue the second round of the competition. Unfortunately, the defending champion Ding Junhui out after Hong Kong star Marco Fu also "follow suit." And Bingham in the showdown, Marco Fu 2-9 in the final to brutally swept huge points difference. So far, the Chinese Army at the British Championships annihilated. The "billiards Emperor" Hendry and talented young Trump also been eliminated. Marco Fu 2-9 Bingham As a 2008 British Championships runner-up, Hong Kong star Marco Fu recent performance is good. Not long ago, the Guangzhou Asian Games Snooker single game, he beat Ding Junhui to win the championship. In the first round of the British Championships this year, he was 9-7 Rick Hawkins and smooth clearance. The rival Bingham's promotion is even more impressive, the world's top 23 players in the first round 4-6 behind to Lianban 5 Board, completed a reversal of shaking, out of the Championship before a large Top O'Sullivan. The ninth game, Marco Fu is still not the state, Bingham fired a single shot 48 minutes to get started, to win 76-23, the Council divided into 7-2. The tenth game, Bingham continued hot hand, the opportunity to get started after the first fight fired a single shot 74 to 74-0 Marco Fu zero letters, the Council divided into 8-2. Board XI match, Marco Fu rejections of 19 points to get started on the first fatal mistake, Bingham fired a single shot, 59 minutes, then to 81-34 win, which successfully cut the score to 9-2. The next round, Bingham will be against Mark - Allen. Mark - Williams 9-6 Stephen Hendry "Billiards Emperor" Hendry and the "Golden left hand," Mark - King Williams showdown, the first half with a 50 + twice the performance of a single rod, Hendry temporarily ahead of the competition 5-3. Mended despite drastic changes in the second half, after a sudden adjustment of status after Williams broke out in the second half scoring in either offensive or defensive units to do a long ball performed very well. Hendry seems to be playing the other hand, is usually kept constantly mistakes, give opponents opportunities. In this case, Williams won six innings, while only one council keep Hendry. Eventually, Mark - Williams, by virtue of a reversal of the second half storm to 9-6 out of Hendry. In other sessions, the previously out of Carter's "dark horse" Joyce continued to brave play to 9-7 victory over talented young Trump; 2008 UK Champion Murphy While being dragged into the tiebreaker, or in 9 - 8 win over Wales star Ryan - wear.