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Focus on Guangzhou Asian Games: Billiards Shi Dongpeng a track and field tea
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Although only 110 meters hurdles silver medal in the men, but they frankly do not envy Liu Xiang, Shi Dongpeng, content with his performance now. Shi Dongpeng guest after the game "Who's Who will be the living room" in the hope his friend Liu Xiang, together with the final, Track and field team also revealed that he is a brother of billiards. In 1984, one of the Guangzhou Asian Games track and field team. 2006 Doha Asian Games men's 110 meter hurdles runner-up in 2010, Guangzhou Asian Games men's 110 meter hurdles runner-up. Satisfied with the silver medal, Liu Xiang ran 13 seconds 09 accident This time, the Guangzhou Asian Games, Liu Xiangcheng comeback as the focus of attention, and China's Shi Dongpeng track and field team is another insurance, to ensure that this gold medal track and field team became a foregone conclusion. Liu Xiang ran Results 09 results 13 seconds, easy to get the gold medal, and Shi Dongpeng then got the runner-up. For such a result, Shi Dongpeng satisfied himself: "For this result, I am fairly satisfied, because this result is my best result this year, in the second half a bit sick of training, training is not So the system can spell this result to quite satisfied with Heat may have their own rhythm a little chaotic, run a little bit nervous, preliminary performance is not good. By adjustment, the final is quite good today . " After the race, Liu Xiang, also left rhetoric, hoping to break the world record again, for his friends, Shi Dongpeng also expressed their best wishes: "If you look at the case this year, Oliver is now ranked first, such as If Roberts does not hurt, he ranked second, and then the foot is now no question of Liu Xiang, the first row of the third year now, I hope he world championships next year, as well as the 2012 Olympics will be new beyond that may injury what Without interference, he is quite a chance. " Columbia track and field team's pool of a long-term drift most want to go home Track and field team's training bitter, and very boring, but boring training behind Shi Dongpeng also has a wealth of hobbies, online chat, online games, Shi Dongpeng are very good, and in the interview , Shi Dongpeng also revealed his extraordinary pool technology, track and field team, the best to play billiards. In the billiard table is the best at hitting Shi Dongpeng 8, Liu Xiang is not his opponent, comes to this, Shi Dongpeng grinning, said: "Because he is less opportunity to go out and play, the level has been parked there." However, Shi Dongpeng hobby is billiards, more time, Shi Dongpeng are in training and competition, every year he would run around the country to participate in a variety of events, to improve their level of long-term drift away , Shi Dongpeng is very homesick, and then asked about the places you've been, what their favorite place when Shi Dongpeng said: "I feel good inside, or at home, in their parents better." Liu Xiang is not envied friends side by side with the aura of hope into the final Lift 110-meter hurdles, there will always first think of Liu Xiang, Shi Dongpeng and only then, this time the Asian Games, Liu Xiang has once again become the focus of attention, and Shi Dongpeng, Liu Xiang became the saffron flower in a green side Leaves, many people think that Liu Xiang, Shi Dongpeng will always be in the ring, but for Shi Dongpeng, it is not very envious of their own Liu Xiang: "halo pressure too great, I do not like that feeling." Shi Dongpeng Said: "Liu Xiang is also more envy me, envy my freedom." After the Games, Shi Dongpeng waiting for the game to challenge many, Shi Dongpeng themselves intend to do a good job: "Winter training a good practice, and then there is a track and field world championships next year in South Korea, hoping to have more Good play, I hope the final runway with Liu Xiang stood above the glory for the country. "