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Football lore has been critical of Council reelected bronze billiard players
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Survived, not necessarily after the blessing. Gilchrist of billiard players to overcome the disadvantages of the two Councils, after lagging behind, but the tragic lore in the last inning, only the bronze medal again. Gilchrist was held yesterday at the Asian Games, Asian Games City Sports Centre English billiards semi-finals, after nearly three of five hours of fierce fighting, the ratio of 39 to more than 102,71 43,4 101,100 more than than 93,100 lost more than 102 players in Myanmar is against Wu, and missed the final. This is Singapore's second Asian Games gold medals; swimmers Tao Li women, will be the day before the removal of the silver medal in the women's 100 meter butterfly. Former world champion Gilchrist (42), said in an interview after the game, originally thought he could win, did not expect opponents in the final game played over the level of performance in the final right away. He said: "The first two, I kept making mistakes, and almost to lost three straight. However, when I recovered after the two Councils, thinking they can win this semi-final, did not think he played very much in the last inning good. " The same previous Gilchrist bronze medal, at the start state of the poor, will soon be captured is a city against Wu. The second game, Gilchrist mistakes by opponents, established more than 56 edge 71, the result is in a hurry to win, Zaishu a bureau. To a crucial third set, the performance of Gilchrist bad start, was leading by 22 to 3, then more than 46 opponents to 93 lead. Gilchrist to catch up, the gap narrowed to 92 than 93, then the two at loggerheads with each other wrong, the score standing still. Gilchrist then take the opportunity to even won the third game to take 8 minutes, and then let's use the occasion of taking advantage of rising confidence in the next game, the game landed in deciding game. Wu is out of the fourth inning against the downturn in performance, beginning with the fifth of 63 to 0 lead, giving Gilchrist created heavy pressure. Although, after Gilchrist took four points, but he did not seize the opportunity to finally escape the bad luck of losing. Gilchrist on the Asian Games will also participate in the race pool 9. At the same time, Singapore Wei and He Shuhua two women, will Choy No. 8 in the women's tournament first round pool, both hit the ground running, join the round of 16 match. CAI Zhi Wei to Thai women, will be 5 to 2 out of Nucha, He Shuhua of 5 to 0 win over the Maldives players Nuzilate. CAI Zhi Wei and Malaysian players coming off Xueyi will compete for seats in the semi-finals, while He Shuhua rival is China's Liu Shasha. On the other hand, our players JJ Lin and Hong-Wen groups into the semi-finals in the men's Division Orinoco, the encounter with the Indian Merchant Da Mani. To the deadline last night, so far, this semi-finals still in progress.