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Asian Games billiards snooker womens team will be washed three Golden confident
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MY147 hearing in the early sixteenth Asian Games billiards game draw the project in Guangzhou Tianhe Sports Center, and in particular against the list after the announcement, the tournament also will be a specific timetable Furnace. A total of ten projects in the pool, the women's team competition snooker 6 red ball is the Chinese team participated in the first eight projects usher in the final project, which means that, by the Bi Zhuqing, and Chen Xue Chen Siming composition China, Sri Lanka Knox women's team will be the first team to China and Taiwan its first gold. From this point of view a specific timetable for the competition at the Asian Games, the first game of billiards items will be at 10:00 on November 13 were on time, but after two days of competition, that is, the afternoon of November 14 16:00 - 19:00, this will be the first to usher in the Asian Games women's snooker team finals six red balls. As this is the first Chinese team red gold point, so after the announcement of the specific schedule says, the whole team is highly valued. Asian countries Olympic Terrace coach team members Pang Weiguo told reporters, "Women's groups snooker game six red ball this Asian Games for the Chinese team is very important to the results, as this will be our team's first gold of a red point, such as If to be the first to get the first gold medal, then our team will bring the next great role in promoting competition, team members will be more full of confidence. " Although the six-woman red ball snooker game is a Chinese team's first point of red gold, but to participate in this project, three women, will be the Chinese team is confident in Guangzhou during the final stages of preparing for training camp, they said For this project confidence. Chen Xue: Old players should play a leading role in women's team Chong Jin Youxin heart Snooker Since this is the first time in the establishment of the Asian Games women's snooker six red ball project, so for any of the participating female athletes, this new project is unknown. Three representatives of the Chinese team participated in the ratio Female players in the game, from Henan Chen Xue oldest national championship, but also as the national team's veteran players Chen Xue for the upcoming game is also very looking forward to. "After all, this is his first Asian Games, and six red The ball into the Asian Games is the first time, the three of us are concerned about, but also very early to prepare the system work. As a national team veteran, I feel old players should play the lead role in the preparation War work, we will very seriously, in the race we will do our best. For this second group game, I am still very confident individual, and this is our first national team have the opportunity to be Get a gold medal of the project, I hope through our efforts to obtain good results, so that the players more confident after the race. "The national team players Chen Xue told reporters. Bi Zhuqing: New rule no longer obvious advantage of the Chinese team for any opponent can not effect Three women take part in the six red snooker ball game players, the teenager can be said for Bi Zhuqing the most adequate one, the ball had hit nine of her game to the Asian Games has given up nine goals a year ahead of schedule All the practice and game projects, and in this one year, the Shenyang Women's World Championships and the World Nine Ball Nine ball is held in China China Open, while Bi Zhuqing have access to fully qualified wild cards, but in order to better Powered Games, she also gave up two World Series. "Asian Games is a dream for me now, if I could have the opportunity to represent China in the women's six red snooker ball project, then I do not want to forget their disappointment, do not want the state disappointed many balls do not want Fans disappointed, so give up some things for the Asian Games is very worth it, I will not be sorry, because for me the future is still a long way to go. "Bi Zhuqing said. For the upcoming Asian Games, young Bi Zhuqing naturally confident, but at the same time, Bi Zhuqing, or show her cool side. Bi Zhuqing told reporters: "Because of this than the Asian Games Six red ball game is a new rule adopted by the project, and for such a rule for all the players are unknown. After the establishment of the National Team, coach, we studied the new rules repeatedly, and finally find out that this new Rules for the previously weak relative to our team is a good thing, because it reduces the team and team players and the gap between the level of the players, which means that we still have advantages in the Chinese team, But has failed to become less obvious. In this case, the Asian Games competition in any one of opponents we face can not be the effect, impact team gold we are very confident. " Chen Siming: Team is not the dominant individual, understanding each other more important And Bi Zhuqing, as follows from the urine of teenager Chen Siming billiards snooker legend Pang Weiguo practice, relative to the rest of women's domestic players, the foundation she and Bi Zhuqing snooker a lot stronger. The difference is that with the Bi Zhuqing , Teenager Chen Siming did not give up while practicing snooker nine ball games and practice, not long ago she also won the China Open women's world championship nine-ball, and later the National Youth and Women's Snooker Series race, she again won the women's six red snooker ball trophy. "Because of my age still small, compared with the other members of my competition experience to be worse, the reason for not completely giving up nine goals in the game because I want more games to exercise their own, so their competition experience Richer, so I pitch in the Asian Games will play more freely. There is no systematic practice six months nine goals, replaced all snooker, I cherish this opportunity, so I will be considered Really deal with each day's training. "Chen Siming told reporters. In talking about the upcoming Asian Games women's snooker team event six red ball, the teenager Chen Siming said: "We all know that this is the first project the impact of billiards gold medal opportunity, and we all know that if we can get it The first ever gold medal for the rest of the team a great deal of encouragement, and we are confident. However, in the team competition, individuals and can not play a leading role, as also involves the doubles matches, the final Sprint training in our biggest task is running, we want to form a tacit agreement between the three team members to strive for in the Asian arena to glory for the country, won the first gold medal. "