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Guangzhou Asian Games in South Korea targets 65 gold medals to overtake China Ja
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Less than a month away from the opening of the Guangzhou Asian Games, Korean athletes have been assigned to the delegation's most famous athlete comprehensive training Korean base "Tailing athletes village" into the final sprint before the Games. Mayor Jin Renjian said in an interview, the South Korean delegation at the current goal is to win the Asian Games 65 gold medal standings the first two.

The second target of 65 gold medals

Sports: Asian Games in Guangzhou, the South Korean delegation's goal is 65 gold, won the second medal of the results. Major gold project in which the point?

Jin Renjian: the last Asian Games in Doha, China topped the medals table top, South Korea won gold medals with 58 medals were second, with 50 gold medals in Japan ranked No. 3. The Guangzhou Asian Games, South Korea and Japan, Asia's second battle will be fierce. Japan's goal in the Asian Games medal standings over second place we have, we have calculated, if it can win 65 gold medals, then you can successfully defeat Japan.

South Korea's main gold is that archery, taekwondo such traditional strengths. Meanwhile, the Asian Games this year, the project has just been listed as the game of Go is also high hopes. We all know, Japan and South Korea both in the high level Go program on both players, so the Asian Games on the Go project will expand the "three wars", Korea's goal is to at least win three gold medals in the 2 Go block. In addition, the pool project a total of 10 gold medals, we hope this project can win 2-3 medals. In addition, South Korea in football, baseball and other organizations also have a gold project strength.

Sports: To this end, South Korea has the advantages and what are the difficulties?

Jin Renjian: Although South Korea has its own long-term, but the weakness is obvious. South Korea in track and field, swimming, shooting and other projects on the strength are relatively backward, and Japan on these items is relatively strong. The Asian Games, athletics, swimming and shooting the three projects total 144 gold medals, but in Doha, the three projects at a total of only won seven gold medals, this year hoping to win 10 or more. If we can achieve this goal, Korea's overall scores will be more favorable.

In addition, like archery, taekwondo and other Korean traditional long term, and the host Chinese team competition, South Korea in order to complete the gold targets, players will start competing with China, which is a big challenge. Moreover, in order to defeat the Japanese in the medals table, in some projects, the Korean players have to strive to beat the Chinese players. Meanwhile, the Chinese team also has some weaknesses, we can focus on the Chinese team's weaknesses to attack.

Sports: chess and billiard players and other projects assigned to Tailing is the first time this year, preparing for these projects, how? Tailing what had been done to prepare for this?

Jin Renjian: Go in the project are the Asian Games team event, but in the past chess players are used to fighting alone, so offer them a "team" environment is very important. In addition, there are some physical training Tailing system, which have rarely received professional training in this area are more favorable for Go players. Arrangements for the event, Go team did not Tailing to be a very long time, but players who say that in the period Tailing of great help to them, if possible, they want to be able to come.

As for the pool, we are players in order to provide good training environment before they enter the village, specially prepared for their professional training equipment. In order to allow athletes to have a good mental state, we also provide them with professional Tailing sports psychology.

Science is no shortage of entertainment preparations

Sports: Park Tae-hwan and Jang Mi-ran South Korea should be the two most famous players, they have not settled Tailing Games Village, and that the two of them preparing for status?

Jin Renjian: Park Tae-hwan will attend the Asian Games competition seven small items, 200 meters and 400 meters is Park Tae-hwan's strengths, the Chinese players Zhang Lin also has a very strong strength. There is competition, there is progress, I believe if two people in a fair competition, will achieve very good results. Park Tae-hwan's goal is 200 and 400 meter gold medal, Park Tae-hwan's gold medal will also be launched in the impact of other projects, even if not get the gold medal, it should be accounted for other colors medals.

South Korean Jang Mi-ran the country for participating in the Games and not be able to Tailing training. Asian Games, in Jang Mi-ran this level, the Chinese team has very strong strength twenty-three player. However, Jang Mi-ran of the goal not only won the gold medal, she is set to break its own record and to prepare.

Sports: South Korean athletes to enter the Tailing training as the proud, the same time, the training facilities Tailing known as the best, Tailing in the end which has advantages in?

Jinren Jian: We try to provide the best for the athletes training equipment. More importantly, in order to be able to provide the best athletes prepare for the environment, Tailing the Games Village has built a billiards room, KTV karaoke and other entertainment facilities for athletes in training I can relax activities.

Tailing very advanced sports medical facilities, medical health care facilities in South Korea the best. Meanwhile, in order to fully develop athletes, athletes Tailing the athletes village also offers a variety of courses such as yoga and English, to allow athletes to enrich itself.

Sports: Tailing the Games Village has been hailed as the elite Korean sports culture "cradle", now what changes compared with the past? And how to help athletes prepare for the Asian Games?

Jin Renjian: first there are no recreational facilities Tailing, in addition to training athletes can not do almost anything else. But now, compliance with the athletes village in the case of the basic rules, the players have more space and options.

With the scientific development, serious training athletes and coaches rely on careful guidance is difficult to achieve peak sports science is an important part of sports development. In addition, the Tailing Games Village also offers psychological counseling to athletes on a regular basis.