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The look up before 1/4: Koradji of Ding Junhui PK is about to prove him rocket t
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Beijing time is late on October 17, gram of Si Nuo of 08/09 sports season is royal and horological the opening that large award competition will pull open 1/4 final, the Ding Junhui that the near future suffers controversy will is opposite a strong opponent “ is wizard ” Xijinsi, chinese prodigy expectation proves him in this strong strong dialog. In other game, two talents player will spread out right definitely, article of benefit of old talent Ao Sha meets new talent head-on Telumupu; Carter meets Davis, Ke Pu head-on to Zhen Ruien - .

   Ding Junhui VS Xijinsi

Ding Junhui is current large award competition is hit into 8 strong, had been meantime lying between is a lunar hind kill first surpass into the rank 8 strong, but before Ding Junhui the containing of two victories Troy is not tall, first-run beat Burnett, round of conquer Huo Er is special, two players actual strength is not very strong, but what Ding Junhui hits in match process is unusually difficult, though kill,enter 8 strong, but Ding Junhui's condition makes a person afraid as before. Xijinsi's position is not as good as Ding Junhui, last sports season Xijinsi is to be in likewise the expression in ranking contest is low fan, sports season end desertioned world first throne, but condition restores the Xijinsi after entering new sports season somewhat, north once was hit into semifinals in love cup. Current large award surpasses Xijinsi also is expression pretty good, close Er of Chinese of first-run 5-0 sweep anything away pauses, second annulus be in again and obtain in Hengdeli's PK get the better of, tell from condition on Ding Junhui.

Although Xijinsi is player of a ticklish, but Ding Junhui is at war with his history on inferior position is not clear, two players are at present gross fight hand to hand 8, among them Ding Junhui 3 4 negative appreciably are in Sheng Yiping inferior position. Among them Ding Junhui and Xijinsi last sports season fight hand to hand 4, ding Junhui is gotten the better of 3 negative be in inferior position. Although new sports season just begins, but two players also had had fight hand to hand, in allied cup Ding Junhui falls to be forced by 3-3 of rare Jin Si in favorable situation draw. Tell from record of fight hand to hand, ding Junhui inferior position is not clear, with Xijinsi mentally does not fall before fight hand to hand ahull.

Be applied from the technology and contrast on tactical choice, advantage of rare Jin Si is very apparent, although Ding Junhui had carried off 3 stations rank contest champion, but in Sinuoke the bound remains the same is a young general, each respect such as experience still is put in very large hole. And Xijinsi is different, at present wizard ” still is in “ Scotland the summit summit period of professional career, each respects already special maturity. In the Xijinsi on ability tactics level more comprehensive, it is to defend not only Great Master, still handle the ace of random bureau, its notch continuously ability also is very few somebody can compare. At present Ding Junhui drops in condition, spend not high case to fall definitely, spread out direct confrontation very hard with Xijinsi, only expectation faces the play of field to just have the possibility that triumph promotes. Low to be in of course for confused Ding Junhui, need a such victory to prove his.
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