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Large award surpasses Ding Junhui 3-5 to hope Jin Si go no further 8 still start
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Beijing time on October 18, contest of rank of gram of Si Nuo of 08/09 sports season is royal and horological large award competition is in Scotland is the biggest city Gelasige proceed. Be opposite in the focus of a quarterfinal blast in, chinese Si Nuo overcomes 3-5 of prodigy Ding Junhui not enemy Scotland white koradji Xijinsi, regretful go no further 8 strong. So far Chinese army group is in current already went out entirely in large award competition bureau, rush into large award to surpass 8 strong man nevertheless Jun Hui had created his optimal military successes in this station match.

Ding Junhui stands originally condition picks up somewhat, he is first-run with 5-0 sweep anything away Burnett, wash out Holt with 5-2 again subsequently, especially the good result that last bureau still called single pole 127 minutes, also looking for turn around and stretch out one's hand to feel gradually. Be at war from both sides look on the record, ding Junhui is not afraid of Xijinsi, beat rival with 5-3 when Northern Ireland cup encountered first 2006, after this two people also are each other has success or failure, they had had the alliance in this sports season to meet in the cup, the circumstance that Ding Junhui precedes in begin 3-0 falls to be chased after to make the same score by 3-3 of rare Jin Si. Ding Junhui and Xijinsi belong to the player that each other understand very much, because this match is met for certain,be an a fierce struggle between two evenly-matched opponents.

Head after bureau match begins, xijinsi does Sinuoke to bring about Ding Junhui to be punished 4 minutes, he subsequently must attack break down after 7 minutes again. Ding Junhui is to get 13 minutes first after begin, after be hit into red ball he succeeds again begin, single pole gets 78 distinguish a stage to take right-hand seat bureau with 91-11. Match of the 2nd bureau, ding Junhui is punished 4 minutes because of error after red ball of the bag in be being hit, right now Xijinsi chooses to defend. Ding Junhui is being hit into the begin after bag lipstick ball, single pole gets 25 minutes, he later gets easy hand of the opportunity after 6 minutes again. The two lever after begin get Xijinsi 25 minutes each, final Xijinsi must break even 20 minutes with 74-32 again score.

After match of the 3rd bureau begins, ding Junhui is being hit into begin of result of epigenesis of tall difficulty red ball, around black ball and powdery ball aggression, single pole connects break down of the aggression after below 62 minutes, again lever of his of begin sheet 66 distinguish a stage, exceed instead with what bureau cent 128-0 realizes the 2-1 on score. After match of the 4th bureau begins, the ball goes all out twice in adversary not below the circumstance of fruit, ding Junhui is hit into begin of success of bottom bag red ball, after getting 17 minutes, be in however error appears when attacking black ball. Hope at this moment Jin Siyuan stage attacks red ball begin, single pole must win this bureau 71 minutes repeatedly, battle of the two people when first half ends is made the same score into 2-2.
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