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WPBA achievement pays no attention to Xiao Ting thinking Pan: In bottleneck peri
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Pan Xiaoting is before new York stock exchange

Hua Aoxing empty dispatch leaves in the regret at the beginning of October after classical contest of coast of WPBA Pacific Ocean, pan Xiao Ting flies to new York to undertaking by a definite date makes an appointment with 3 weeks adjustment from Lincoln city. Besides get together with good friend photograph do outside doing cate, also hold a few little games to come ability of compare notes ball, the match before Pan Xiaoting also uses this paragraph of time general was done sum up and think.

This year after BCA match, although Xiao Ting's condition maintains well still, but successive the achievement that the WPBA match of a few stations fails to take ideal. “ analyses a reason, likelihood or state of mind are not quite good, summary of ” dawn graceful says, I think “ to make through the match very a new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position, just look in one day can not accomplish these things, need the Xiu Lian of a long time. ”

Xiao Ting observes the competition ground of foreign fine athlete is behaved very attentively also seriously, I discover “ , although they also are not,can take champion every time, but in take part in the match for years the sober and relaxed mentation that the training in experience comes out, can make they have results in every match, have new realization. ”

In the time of ” of period of bottleneck of this “ that be called by Xiao Ting, how to adjust oneself position, “ still needs to consider and learn, say of ” dawn graceful, thanked netizen and ball friend people care and encourage. (Be over)