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Large award surpasses Fu Jiajun to defeat 100 1-5 not enemy rocket Wei Mian cham
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Beijing time on October 16, si Nuo of 08/09 sports season overcomes large award to surpass match proceed the 2nd round, in battle of a focus Fu Jiajun of runner-up of coronal of previous term or session is mixed benefit article spreads out Ao Sha right definitely. Condition of the Fu Jiajun in the match is not poor, once still hit single pole to pass in the 2nd bureau 100, but article of Ao Sha benefit is more excellent, 4 bureaus match hits single pole 50, and successive 3 bureaus 0 Fu Jiajun, pass the match of a hour finally, 5-1 of article of Ao Sha benefit is relaxed conquer Fu Jiajun, hold one's head high push forward 8 strong.

Two players are going up the in pairs in the large award competition of sports season is killed into finals, finally is Fu Jiajun laugh arrived finally, carry off individual profession career ranks contest champion first times successfully. And this champion helps Fu Jiajun finally also be in before answering 16 are killed on the rank end of the year. Large award of sports season lose surpasses the article of Ao Sha benefit of champion on, it is comprehensive in other match erupt, seize the most important Ying Jin to surpass the champion that He Shijin surpasses repeatedly, contest of rank of sports season end returned the world the first.

Look from the record of fight hand to hand of two players, fu Jiajun is a bit dominant, 12 times fight hand to hand gains 7 victories, and two the closest be engaged in a hand-to-hand fight win victory is Fu Jiajun, should say to hold stated dominant position in mentally. And the position of article of Ao Sha benefit is more excellent, since go up after sports season takes world bright and beautiful to surpass champion, showed the momentum that cannot stop, two stations rank surpasses new sports season to carry off early or late one coronal one inferior achievement, position is very astonishing. The fight hand to hand of two people also was destined this will be a tough competition.

Head bureau match, fu Jiajun returns ball power after bully largish, article of Ao Sha benefit captures an opportunity to be hit into begin of red ball success, subsequently the rocket was shown exceed strong aggression feel, this bureau was not in let Fu Jiajun come on stage, single pole is connected so that 73 minutes of successes take right-hand seat bureau, total score 1-0 is banner. Match of the 2nd bureau, fu Jiajun showed likewise exceed strong aggression feel, hold opportunity left-hand seat after a few lever that pass bully defend successfully, fu Jiajun is changed with color sheet lever took 116 minutes of successes to win out this bureau, will total score pulls 1-1 to make the same score. Match of before two bureaus costs 18 minutes in all, average 9 minutes of one bureau, match rate is very rapid.

Match of the 3rd bureau, fu Jiajun is to take the lead in spelling ball begin, hong Kong famous general indicated strong aggression desire today, but error appeared after be being taken, subsequently article of Ao Sha benefit gains an opportunity, but after connecting 28 minutes Bai Qiu goes not ideal, be obliged to choose to defend. In passed a few lever to defend after argue, fu Jiajun gains an opportunity again, but perhaps be today what Fu Jiajun hits is too urgent, connect so that apparent error appears again after 23 minutes, left Ao Sha benefit language the opportunity. This begin was not in the rocket show mercy face, next this bureaus are taken with 85-47 after single pole is taken, total score 2-1 is banner.
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