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Aibaidu goes to Ding Junhui in all celebrate Gong Yanying agent malcontent rocke
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After 5-2 conquer suddenly Er is special, already was British time Zhou San is close to afternoon at 6 o'clock, “ wins the dinner of person selected choose of the ball what to eat, you beat man today, be decided by you. ” England agent builds luck to suggest to say, “ peaceful eat! ” Ding Junhui replies fine long hair is forthwith, the Biteaibaidu that did not have dinner also appears in hotel old hall right now, the good friend won, everybody goes out to celebrate together, he won't be lacked for certain.

Before Ding Junhui and Holt are surpassed, careful Gai Rui has carried a network, searched Gelasige a delicious peaceful dining-room, according to his view, do not spend time 56 minutes on foot, but just the pace gives a hotel before long, a few people are lost in reinforced concrete forest of Gelasige, a winding path leading to a secluded spot, after wearing driveway and lane for many times, plus the enthusiastic help of passer, reached eye ground eventually.

Egg of type of soup of palace of steamed weever, Dong Ying, peaceful fries a meal. . . . . . Everything still is Ding Junhui a few 100 course that take not tire of, ground of add of dish land add came up, “ congratulates man, the match won! ” very the Aibaidu of affection of a person of wide knowledge and sound scholarship stood, face sat in near Ding Junhui and fourth mom Chen Xijuan to raise the glass in the hand, “ those heart, tomorrow is your match, if winning, you decide what all of us eats. ” Gai Rui is opposite sincerely say of oneself younger sister's husband. “ I also hope such ” , first time of new sports season has entered first-run Aibaidu, tomorrow start shooting 16 enter the decisive battle of 8, his adversary is the popular science with ascendant very at present feral impetus, what can foreknow is, this will be pinpoint the fierce fight to Mai Mang.

Current London is horological large award competition, greeted new sports season not only head get the better of, and entered this match for the first time 8 strong, ding Junhui's mood is very optimistic, eating at the same time, use English adroitness to opening fun with Gairui and Aibaidu at the same time, but not any one is about the match that just goes, the victory already made past type, and 8 strong opponent should arrive the following day the ability after ballot outcome comes out is witting, at the moment, what need most is to make cerebrum temporary be transferred from table tennis, enjoy the pleasure of cate and life.

“ is medium today state-owned reporter calls come over, asking me Liang Wenbo is this in benefit, I am right this utterly ignorant, nevertheless he played the game, loosen a few days what need most well namely. ” opened the Gai Rui of gramophone, it seems that a little right still Liang Wenbo loses have sth on one's mind of article of Ao Sha benefit Yu Huai, “ bridge play away this match very regrettablly, originally organic meeting wins, but oneself are after 2-0 psychogenesis change, want too much, the audience that the spot supports Luo Ni is a little noisy, also gave him a few pressure. ” is after article of Ao Sha benefit and contest of bridge article rich, although not was in press conference spot, dan Gairui is in listened to recording to interview seriously for a short while, the speech after his contest to article of Ao Sha benefit expressed dissatisfaction, he should not be opposite “ bridge (Wen Bo) the evaluation after making in that way game, luo Ni always is such, do not consider to come out via cerebrum when conversation, do not know, his so defiant attitude, still so much person likes him, I tell lintel, do not suffer an effect. ”
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