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Aibaiduli holds out the good friend assist of bridge article rich its are capabl
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2-5 not enemy after article of Ao Sha benefit, liang Wenbo came back to leave London namely horological large award competition holds the ground Gelasige, but of he and article of Ao Sha benefit this is opposite still be mentioned by person place from time to time definitely, include his training good friend among them, world champion Aibaidu.

Suddenly Er of Ding Junhui conquer is special, kill successfully 8 strong later, aibaidu eats peaceful eat to celebrate together, knowing is who took the lead in mentioning Liang Wenbo, the Aibaidu that having a meal stopped cate, “ and bridge often train in table tennis institute together, know his level and actual strength, in 2-0 banner Ao Sha benefit article circumstance plays play away game special regrettablly, the coach Gai Rui that listens to him is told after preceding the burden was borne on his thought, believe oneself can rank war of language of benefit of first Ao Sha to become 2-0 with the world not quite, he did not forget, article of Ao Sha benefit also is Everyman, condition also has when rising and fall, and more important is, look in me, from now on, liang Wenbo should have hope more to oneself a few, with his actual strength and technology, enough conquer any adversary, also include language of Ao Sha benefit of course. ”

The Aibaidu below table tennis desk personality is outgoing, all-round, once had given record, and still be ace of a spare golf, sit together with him, total meeting is affected by his humour and humorous place, the extroversion disposition of this and bridge article rich has the place of different in approach but equally satisfactory in result, especially since new sports season, every time before world rank surpasses battle, aibaidu is met by living ground enlighten Bai Fei makes train before contest to world billiards institute, the Liang Wenbo that impetus aggressive rises since world bright and beautiful was surpassed this year in May oneself always is met and he hits training to surpass together, accordingly to Liang Wenbo, aibaidu should have right to speak more than other billiards hand apparently.

Northern Ireland cup, liang Wenbo advances triumphantly all the way, by the qualification contest is killed successfully 16 strong, after 5-0 blood washs Aibaidu, great disparity score once aroused the suspicion of gambling company, but later be held back to be besides 8 strong gates by Xijinsi, the evaluation that the Xijinsi after contest is aimed at Liang Wenbo is caused in station platform shake, aberdonian think, if continue to hold to what any balls attack blindly to make a way, he does not value Liang Wenbo to be able to win world championship, the reason is to become when he comes up against world ace, successive aggression gets very easily nick, be defeated below blast come. To this word of Xijinsi, also know somewhat apparently as the Aibaidu of table tennis go-between, but of unexpected is, aibaidu agrees with Xijinsi's viewpoint not completely however.

“ Liang Wenbo result is very right now, ask before the rank 16 ace, the match of whatever appearance, the qualificatory contest adversary that is willing to come up against least of all is him! His ball wind is right, have aggression sex very much very much, everybody can when the ball is hit suitably, win, come up against defend pretty good ace may be defeated below blast come, but the fact that this is each billiards hand, impossible that every match is hit very well, assure the victory of every ball impossibly, did not win without aggression, chose attack, mastered the active advantageous position of the match. ”
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