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Liang Wenbo receives in glory optimal new personality article of benefit of perf
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Beijing time on October 14, overcome in Si Nuo royal and horological when large award surpasses like a raging fire to undertake, writer association also announced Sinuoke to go up sports season each award winner, among them the excellent performance that rich of article of bridge of Chinese young general depends on contest of world bright and beautiful to go up is elected as optimal new personality, and article of benefit of Ao Sha of “ rocket ” is be without controversy was elected as optimal player. Sports season seizes Wenbuli's master game and Cambria to surpass the Saierbi of champion publicly repeatedly on, was to harvest ” of award of “ optimal achievement, he En is to win special award.

  Optimal player: Article of Ao Sha benefit

Article of last benefit of sports season Ao Sha behave special extraordinarily brave, hit into finals in large award competition but was defeated by Fu Jiajun, this also aroused the fight of article of Ao Sha benefit, in Ying Jin subsequently the success in contest is sealed king, 33 months are lain between to hold a rank in both hands to surpass champion once more when, subsequently alive article of benefit of the Ao Sha in bright and beautiful contest is all the way sweep anything away is numerous famous general, carry off world bright and beautiful surpasses champion the 3rd times, obtained with very preponderance on sports season is ranked end of the year the first, additionally article of Ao Sha benefit returns the brave on the allied cup in invitational tournament to seize 4 Lian Guan. Besides champion, article of Ao Sha benefit makes a person most of take delight in talking about is the result that odd sports season calls single pole 3 times 147 minutes, became the history to go up exclusive a player that accomplishs this to nod, say sports season from achievement optimal be worthy of, what be put exclusively in controversy is the Ao Sha on Chinese contest Liwenbu's civilized act, but the achievement of article of benefit of the Ao Sha on competition ground of the defects cannot obscure the virtues has conviction most.

  Optimal new personality: Liang Wenbo

The expression that world bright and beautiful surpasses brought “ for Liang Wenbo not only ” of excellent performance prize, still brought for Chinese young general on the award of optimal new personality of sports season. On rich of article of sports season bridge most the performance that gives prize was in centrally on contest of world bright and beautiful, it is to beat Dahedi and Qiaosiweier first, be in subsequently and also be in match of article of Ao Sha benefit those who hit is unusually wonderful, its wild aggression the look of things left deep impression to the person. Liang Wenbo is born for nothing with astonishing means horizontal stroke, become on a lot of new personality behaves sports season most one when give prize, reaped reward of optimal new personality finally. Rich of article of bridge of new sports season is advanced show of game of rank of a few battle is good, with sports season the 40th capacity appears in be being surpassed continuously, also proved this award solid return to the name.
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