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Affirmative Ding Junhui behaves Cai Jianzhong to erupt behindhand can aid its to
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Beijing time on October 15, gram of Si Nuo of 08/09 sports season is royal and horological large award is surpassed the 2nd round pull open opening, ding Junhui beats Holt finally with total score 5-2, kill successfully surpass into large award 8 strong. This also is him himself rush into large award competition for the first time 8 strong, the coach Cai Jianzhong of the Ding Junhui after contest offerred sufficient affirmation to Ding Junhui's expression, and next the view that the match expressed him.

Ding Junhui head the bureau because error put an end to victory, but he was not affected because of this apparently, pull two bureaus repeatedly instead. To this Cai Jianzhong says frankly: “ is small today sunshine psychological quality is very good, did not get the effect with adverse bureau, of expression very sober and ad cool-headed, have even what after pulling two bureaus, hit more attentive, although Holt played the part of score 2-2, but Gao Shuiping was hit in Ding Junhui or the match in the second half. ”

The 7th bureau that Benchangbi surpasses, ding Junhui hit single pole 129 minutes, the expressional lock of gone also beauty was decided get the better of bureau. To this Cai Jianzhong thinks of Ding Junhui erupt early should come, the Ding Junhui on contest of rank of before this two stations is idea overmuch, the standard that oneself cannot develop very well in the match just can be brought about twice first-run a bureau. Be hit into this second match 8 strong, to his confidence pick up have very great help.

To Ding Junhui's current condition, cai Jianzhong thinks on technology of fourth now Jun Hui nonexistent large hole, but after playing game of a few years of professions thought is much, a lot of moment can pay close attention to his integral and rank particularly, will before 16 those who look is very heavy, because this meeting makes him aeriform in the too much burden on the back, it is easier to because this thinks more,had been hit lose a ball.

When looking into coming 1/4 final, cai Jianzhong expresses: “ surpasses the competition that uses random lot to make as a result of Bencibi, because this still cannot decide he is playing round of opponent in the match, but Ding Junhui's current condition is pretty good still, the normal level that no matter who adversary is,hits oneself in the match is OK, as long as can him conquer the game is good hit. ”(lowing center)