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Before look up: Fu Jiajun encounters wind of ball of arrow of flames of war of t
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Beijing time is late on October 16, gram of Si Nuo of 08/09 sports season is royal and horological large award competition will have the rest the 2nd round 4 matches, among them the fight hand to hand of Fu Jiajun of runner-up of coronal of competition of large award of the sports season on the nothing is more... than of most fetching attention and article of Ao Sha benefit, two players will contend for a 8 powerful quota of people. In the others match, ke Pu meets Er of Aibaidu, a place of strategic importance head-on to compare pair of Zhen Ruien - , be afraid that the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces is special special to getting stuck definitely.

   Article of benefit of Ao Sha of Fu Jiajun VS

Large award surpasses the blessing ground that is Fu Jiajun, the Fu Jiajun that just went out 1998 is hit into the final that large award surpasses here, in last sports season Fu Jiajun is successful in large award competition a king, this sports season Fu Jiajun is to serve as the champion that defend crown to come round to take part in the match. The history is surpassed to go up in large award, two legend player has realized only Hengdeli and Davis to defend crown, fu Jiajun wants the person that become the 3rd Wei Mian, must pass Ao Sha above all this involves benefit article. Fu Jiajun is surpassed in large award 16 strong in encounter with article of Ao Sha benefit, but if if say Fu Jiajun annals is in,defending crown, so be afraid avoid friction very hard language of Ao Sha benefit is right definitely, because the position of the rocket is at present real too outstanding, the circumstance of whole play falls to take finals firmly, think steer clear of is impossible almost so.

Its are honest of Fu Jiajun and article of Ao Sha benefit be at war in the history, famous general of Chinese Hong Kong does not fall ahull, still hold stated dominant position even. Gross in ranking contest fight hand to hand 12, fu Jiajun 7 get the better of hold a dominant position, be in especially two fight hand to hand are medium recently, fu Jiajun is to win out successfully. The belligerence of two players is recorded in, have two classical competitions, it is the world in 3 years on bright and beautiful contest, fu Jiajun is in at that time a wheel pair blast article of Ao Sha benefit, arrow of match medium baking temperature hits single pole 147 minutes, but final Fu Jiajun took that competition with 10-6, that world bright and beautiful surpasses Fu Jiajun to be hit into 8 be defeated by Si Difen by force - plum. The 2nd goes up namely the large award of sports season surpasses finals, the Fu Jiajun in the match is holding active position all the time, take that next competitions successfully finally with 9-6, carried off the individual ranks contest champion first times not only, make the champion barren of article of Ao Sha benefit is lengthened once more.

From two players the closest condition looks, entered period of respective a gold, article of Ao Sha benefit greets an individual have summit of a summit period, sports season seizes two champion 3 times to hit single pole repeatedly on 147, showed the actual strength of terrorize. And Fu Jiajun is after going out 10 years station of first degrees of coronate surpasses champion, also entered the individual's best condition period. The expression of article of Ao Sha benefit wants new sports season a lot of more outstanding, contest of two stations rank is hit into finals continuously and carry off a champion, and Fu Jiajun is Great Master of Shanghai of not long ago contest is hit into 8 strong. Look from this bit it seems that scope of Fu Jiajun triumph is more uncertain, but victory or defeat of fight hand to hand is the condition before mixing does not have how old connection between two people, going up at style and tactics.
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