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Ding Junhui defeats 100 5-2 to beat a person of extraordinary powers of Huo Er s
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Beijing time on October 15, gram of Si Nuo of 08/09 sports season is royal and horological large award is surpassed the 2nd round pull open opening, chinese prodigy Ding Junhui meets Holt head-on. Ding Junhui of first half match is immersed in struggle hard, make the same score into 2-2 with adversary battle, position of the Ding Junhui after entering the second half rises, get the better of 3 bureaus repeatedly especially the good result that last bureau still called single pole 127 minutes, beat Holt finally with total score 5-2, kill successfully surpass into large award 8 strong.

Ding Junhui was immersed in the trough of professional career one year inside much time recently, sports season entire sports season is ranked on be without on contest as, before although rank of sports season end is protected,living 16, but because before a few sports season are good,basically be of expression capital. Enter expression of Ding Junhui of new sports season not to see a bit improves, this station is big before award is surpassed, ding Junhui is successive contest of two stations rank is first-run a bureau, also be 3 battle are made the same score on allied cup two negative, did not win a victory. This station is big first match behaves award competition Ding Junhui to restore somewhat, face the Burnett with not strong actual strength, ding Junhui 5-0 beats rival successful pass a test.

Make a station large award surpass every wheel pair according to contest blast it is course draw, ding Junhui is in the 2nd round very lucky in smoking Holt, seeing this from ballot outcome should be one goes up autograph, because tell Ding Junhui from actual strength,still want more get the better of one prepare. But in contest of rank of before two stations, ding Junhui is the player that lost actual strength group, this appearance is unusual to Huo Er Ding Junhui also cannot treat sth lightly, if can take this next competitions successfully, two Lian Sheng to trough period will be very important for Ding Junhui.

Head bureau match begins, two players after bully are more careful, not rushed take offensive. The Holt in defending takes the lead in appearing error, 4 minutes are connected after Ding Junhui holds opportunity left-hand seat, make a Si Nuo overcome a ball subsequently, holt solves ball error twice to be punished to divide continuously, subsequently Ding Junhui again begin, single pole is connected so that error appears again after 19 minutes. This Holt seized an opportunity, hit into the begin after red ball, single pole took 60 minutes to lift exceed instead. Be in subsequently of two people defending still is Holt was held in argue windward, after connecting 12 minutes again, take right-hand seat bureau successfully with 72-31. Ding Junhui leaves the bureau is adverse, total score 0-1 is backward.

Match of the 2nd bureau, holt takes the lead in holding opportunity left-hand seat after bully, but after connecting 9 minutes aggression fails to continue, subsequently Ding Junhui seizes begin opportunity, single pole is connected so that exceeded score 40 minutes instead. Both sides is entered again defend argue, after the antagonism that passed tens of lever, ding Junhui seizes begin opportunity again, it is a single pole 40 minutes hind, take next this bureaus successfully with 80-10, will total score pulled 1-1 to make the same score.
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