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Ding Junhui cherish defeats koradji not to have a predestined relationship 4 lea

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(Reporter Liu Xuhui) yesterday, the Ding Junhui that condition restores gradually surpasses 1/4 in London large award fail in finals further, in hope with ” of “ Scotland koradji Jin Si struggle hard after 8 bureaus, regretful with 3 than 5 lose, without the predestined relationship 4 strong.

Ding Junhui opened bureau position yesterday very good, two people battle becomes before 6 bureaus 3 than 3 smooth. However in retrospective match, xijinsi showed actual strength in defend, after he takes the 7th bureau to get game ball, the 8th bureau hits single pole 78 minutes again, washed out Ding Junhui. Semifinals, “ koradji ” will is opposite a Telumupu of teenager of 19 years old of talents, latter is in another semifinal article of benefit of Ao Sha of one bureau win by a narrow margin.

Although Ding Junhui was not entered 4 strong, but his expression has been sports season in best. After contest, ding Junhui says regretfully: Hit very well before “ , original likely 4 than 0 or it is at least 3 than of 1, because an error is caused,the two bureaus of play away are in front. Arrive from the back, the condition of adversary hits better more, oneself cannot find any opportunities at all. ”

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