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Xijinsi: Asian Si Nuo overcomes development impetus driving hopeful to replace E

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Warsaw of Xinhua News Agency on October 20 Olympic Games special telegram (reporter Zhang Zhang) Xijinsi of gram famous general expressed Scotland Si Nuo a few days ago, momentum of development of Asian Si Nuo gram is at present powerful, there is the possibility that replaces England even in the future.

Polish " daily " in the cite in report of 20 days Xijinsi's word says, at present Sinuoke moves to develop in the Asia very good, he expresses not to eliminate Asian Si Nuo to overcome some day to be able to exceed British likelihood even. He says, in Ying Lun at present 3 islands Si Nuo overcomes a club to manage is not very good, concern the phenomenon of the door constantly. And in the Asia this one motion presents one faction flourishingly up picture.

This Aberdonian say, in recent years he is in Belgian, Czech, Poland and Germany to wait a few Si Nuo is overcome before and not quite all-pervading country plays the game, the century on the fan that feels these countries and England the fan at the beginning of 80 time is euqally enthusiastic. He says, after 10 years, sinuoke's development will mix Europe to there is tremendous change now.

Speak of in Su Chaokai the polish door of effectiveness of Er spy person Boluci, xijinsi expresses: “ I am Kaierte the person's fan, bo Luci is one of my God. He says ” , not long ago he ever passed a telephone call with Bo Luci, latter expresses to will help conduct propaganda be about to overcome world series to surpass Warsaw station match at the Si Nuo that begins next week.

Si Nuo overcomes world series to surpass Warsaw station match to hold Yu Benzhou end. Include Ding Junhui, Davis inside world Si Nuo overcomes a famous general to will attend contention.

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