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How does table tennis pass into China
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Table tennis passes into China at 19 centuries end. After the Opium War, foreign overseas Chinese develops table tennis activity in China above all, circulate in Chinese the classes then. At the beginning of 20 centuries, in China coastal big city appeared " billiard room " , beguiling object is confined to VIPs. Later, the big city such as Chinese Shanghai, Tianjin, Beijing, appeared early or late table tennis always is met. To 30 time, shanghai and other places should hold table tennis contest every year, had appeared ace of a few billiards.
After liberating, our country had held countrywide contest 1 times 1960. Held countrywide contest the 2nd times early or late in Tianjin and Shanghai 1985, beijing was held 1 times again 1986. In these a few matches, emerge in large numbers gives a batch of good hand, be like the Sun Bailin of Shanghai, old Ren Jun, Jiang Shaoguo, the Zhong Min article of the Du Xiaoming of Beijing, Shenzhen and the Shen Huiying of Tianjin.  
After reforming and opening, table tennis motion is concerned sectional attention, each district established table tennis association in succession, held all sorts of table tennis contests. 1986, chinese billiards association holds water formally, it held a lot of nationwide contests, organized domestic athlete and world ace to have technical communication. In those days, the contest that Shanghai held level of the 1st world of our country " golden beautiful cup " giant star contest, take part in the match have Davis, Taylor and Jifusi 3 worlds champion and Singapore national champion forest the official closes, Sun Bailin of Chinese national champion.
Held in Beijing on March 5, 1987 " competition of large award of billiards of China International of " of cup of be good at plate, 8 players of England and 8 Chinese players played the game. This 8 people the player is to be ranked at that time of the 1st history. The Davis, Dennis of the 3rd. The Taylor, Jimmy of the 5th. Conceive the special, Willie of the 7th. The Suo En, Terry of the 8th. The Gelifeisi, Tony of the 10th. Rice abstruse, the Neal of the 13rd. The Fu Erci, Rex of the 16th. Williams this, finally, willie. Suo En carried off champion. About 100 million audience watched the game through TV transmission, their wonderful performance makes if the audience is crazy be like drunk, big feast one's eyes on. This the match makes our country lifted heat of a billiards.
From now on, table tennis leaves in our country from mouth to mouth come. Have a lot of competitions every year, the level of our country player also is rising ceaselessly, begin to enter contest of a few worlds.

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