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Chinese billiards develops
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The nation that table tennis passes an Asia the earliest is India and Thailand, later is Japan, passing into China is to be in last years of a dynasty or reign of 19 centuries quiet day. Before liberating, a few big cities such as ground of embassy, concession and Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Harbin, Shenyang are only private the room of miniature table tennis hall of open, have station of a few pieces of balls.
After liberating, in Shanghai factory of two wife and children produces age of state having Cai and new Xin production ball stage. Eventually because just be liberated before long, basis the economy of masses lives at that time state, participate in table tennis activity to be vogue early, accordingly, maintained a few years to end merely. Accompanying the rapid development that economy builds now, table tennis also gets popular developing with other sport, big in center of a lot of stadium houses, club, recreation, old hotel, restaurant sets the city room of table tennis hall. A lot of big in lane of small village and small town, ave spreads all over table tennis to spread out.
1986, our country established Chinese billiards association, each province city also establishs table tennis association of the place in succession. In those days, ball game of stage of first time whole nation was run in Zhuhai.

Held countrywide billiards invitational tournament the 2nd times again in November 1986.

Came 8 days on March 5, 1987, the cup of be good at plate that holds in Beijing contest of China International billiards, can saying is world billiards first-rate the contest that a famous player gathers, the United States has 8 players of 8 world billiards ace and China to play the game. Although 8 Chinese players are washed out in the first round of match, dan Zhangyan Bin is opposite Jimmy? The bosom won one bureau in special match, pass this television relay, the whole nation had 100 million audiences to admire hookup of this high level about, heat of a billiards was lifted in our country. (does first of rank of these 8 worlds have Steve? Davis, tertiary Dennis? The Taylor, Jimmy of the 5th? Conceive the special, Willie of the 7th? The Suo En, Terry of the 8th? The Gelifeisi, Tony of the 10th? Rice abstruse, the Neal of thirteenth? Rex of Fu Erci, sixteenth? Williams this. Their wonderful performance makes our country audience large feast one's eyes on, final Willie? Fu Erci with 5 than 2 beat Jimmy? White carries off champion. )
In Beijing sporting goods limited company combined the 40th middle school and astral Wei to establish first 1994 class of major of table tennis motion, caused the favour of examinee, parent and society, get the support of Asia and world stage couplet.

Went up in the foundation of class of table tennis major 1995, established China formally the first " school of Beijing billiards motion " .

1996, chinese billiards association begins to execute table tennis athlete to register a system.

In January 1996, club of billiards of profession of Chinese head home " astral card " professional billiards club holds water, of professionalism of first China billiards choose exemple, the person such as country of famous general Pang Wei, Hasimu, Tao Shan, Tai Ge joins in " astral card " the player that became first Chinese qualification to register.
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