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Current situation of Chinese billiards motion
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The Chinese plays table tennis, be from " wild ball " begin. Street edge raises a platform of a piece of ligneous ball, a few coarse jujube wood pole, a flock of young young people that are drawing arm to holding cigarette make a living with betting a ball all the day. The ball is called in this kind " balcony " the echo that the scroll on ball stage can hear board, who can be successive in those days fill is ace a few, accurate can shake gets everybody dumbfounded. Table tennis looks in compatriots heart medium first impression is gray. Went ten years, chinese billiards still struggles hard in the brim, a lot of passion billiard youth feels perplexed with disappointment, is this why? Cite sufficient assist a word of someone: Chinese billiards resembles a light be gatheringed up the person of the dress, what doing not have dare be not faced, let us open scar.

One, Chinese billiards lacks standardization. Although there has been not little material, place in big now city,compare ideal large ball room, but we must admit, conditions of more local ball room are very poor. Table tennis unlike the football, a broken rubber ball can drill give a Bei Li, it is very tall to the requirement of equipment: Ball stage pothole is rough, cannot use soft rod, be forced to go energetically fill; Lever and ball quality are too poor, dozen do not give point of drive of so called nine, walk along a basic not be in a position to mention. Differ because of equipment, often put in such phenomenon in a few a wide place in the road: Although a lot of people are hit very definitely, but even most the small staff of at least does not know! Want to be below this kind of abominable condition, again gifted teenager can how? Can no more progress after his level reachs certain level, strangled how many talent! Have again, even if had the equipment requirement of justifiable, but how many person understands competition regulation? Total national capital is being hit black 8, but can be hit truly by 16 pompon regulation, be afraid one thousandth be less than, the regulation of each district resembles dialect same, the whole nation can be told at least give hundreds of kinds to come! Without normal regulation, do not talk to go up defend, know to go all out to be spent definitely only, to billiard understanding is one-sided. Remember seeing Pang Wei Guotong profession of a world the match of 8 balls player, he has a suit to allow to spend for nothing, be done dead by adversary continuously, by clear stand, do not have the opportunity of play at all, this is the problem that Chinese ball hand exists generally. If press the number that play a ball game to come statistic, china is the world absolutely big country of the first billiards, why is the level no good? Someone says is ball hand sneaking, but I see the current situation that lacks standardization just is main reason.

2, the on the low side of person culture quality that play a ball game. Table tennis by person coronal with " gent moves " good name, henry gets benefit, Davis the every act on these ace field is revealing grace, but be in China, we associate table tennis and gent very hard together. That time that table tennis appears in great quantities in China, those who be surrounded in ball stage edge basically is to taking a suit to mix mix the angry youth that do not have course of study, they actor criterion bet and, a few people are gradually experienced in bet it is a profession with this with respect to competence. At this late hour, the few number in them can turn into the profession, the lot that makes plant of station of some ball hall, ball makes an appointment with ball hand, having steady income source, although also can not maintain bread more. But Where is the person that leave? Be forced to seek means of livilihood oneself, it is to pass one day to calculate a day more very. Up to now the thing that a lot of compatriots still think table tennis is the do-nothing youth that do not have course of study plays, it is the tool of gamble. They say so is well-founded, want, in those alleged ace beside us which be to read those who cross an university? The person quality on the low side in table tennis circle is the fact that cannot deny, and individual billiards level and culture level often become inverse ratio. The integral culture quality that delectable is a Chinese is rising, the understanding of people also is being changed, lay billiard person increasing, the condition is better and better, the child that a lot of people also are willing to let his pursues this campaign. But when a day that when change this one current situation thoroughly, we still need a holiday with time.
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