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Billiard origin
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Table tennis motion already had 559 years of histories up to now, table tennis after all traceable which country? Some saying is Gu Xila, some saying is France, some saying is England, also some saying is China, Italy and Spain opinions vary etc, it is reportedly actually, affirm very hard so. But, western Europe of table tennis traceable is incontestable fact.
The Christian era 14 centuries, in times of England Victoria queen, table tennis activity special the attention that suffers people, in family of a few plute, between billiards of not only and luxurious cultured, and playing a ball game when the activity, still have strict ceremony, some regulations still are in up to now continue to use.
Snooker origin, ever had had a paragraph of fokelore. 1875, those who have India of a quarter at is special article county army group, is there Ni Weier of a junior officer of a youth in the group? Zhang Bailun (NevilleChomberlain) , to the 3 balls table tennis that they play everyday, feel drab, produced improvement opinion then, added ball of a black. Through period of time, have proposal of officer of a youth again, added ball of a pink again, as the addition that the ball counts, increased interest not only, also abounded the method that plays a ball at the same time, increase pompon of a few kinds of different color continuously again later, ball number shares 22, have 15 red chromosphere among them, the colour chromosphere of 6 different color and a white advocate ball. Fumble through practice, formulate method of a match and regulation. 1880, does the Englishman make an appointment with writing? Robert brought back dozen of law of the snooker and regulation from India again England. But, be in English billiards heat at that time, average a famous player and audience are fond of English billiards. The snooker cannot cause the attention of people at all. Till 20 centuries 30 time, english billiards with each passing day be on the wane, a lot of player just change one's political stand Sinuoke gradually, from now on the snooker just begins to be in England flourishing rise, the state that became England ball, up-to-date.