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World billiards phylogeny
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1400, stage of the first piece of ping-pong appears, there is not ball bag at that time, have an arched door only
Or doorpost, later, from the motion outdoor development arrives indoor, to British Victoria
When queen, development makes a kind of formal recreation item, entered at that time England
The classes.
1510, france begins the recreational activities at that time, in Louie 14 period become common practice
1735, change music lever straight lever.
1798, invented leather lever head.
1818, invented tall to overcome pink.
1827, changed the woodiness mesa below green stage mud lime mesa.
1835, better with flexibility balata stage side replaced woodiness stage edge.
1919, england established the table tennis origanization construction with this top nation -- British billiards federation
1940, world billiards alliance holds water, responsible internationally table tennis match, headquarters is set in Billie
The Bulusaier when, administrative center is set in Basailuona.
1948, the United States establishs American billiards association, the orgnaization is set in Chicago.
1987, beijing holds first time cup of be good at plate contest of China International billiards.
The most inchoate billiard ball is made with brass, convert later ivory, an ivory is average
Can make 5 balls only, later, plastic father of the United States Haiyate, development uses nitrify into a kind
The industrial chemicals such as cellulose, camphor, alcohol mixes the billiard ball that makes, appear till 1920
the billiards that casting of fat of a kind of carbonic acid becomes.