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World-renowned match association introduces
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One: Chinese billiards tounament:
Chinese name: Countrywide billiards tounament [China]
Foreign language name: Nationalsnookerchampionship
The country fastens: CHN
Established Chinese billiards association 1986, mark billiards wants China to develop the right path. Association held water to hold countrywide billiards invitational tournament in Zhuhai in those days, later countrywide billiards tounament is held every year, it is the table tennis match of Chinese top level.
Hao is super 1997 billiards of cup whole nation (Sinuoke) tounament is held at gymnasium was born in Beijing University on April 24.

2: Asian billiards tounament:
Chinese name: Asian billiards tounament
Foreign language name: Asiansnookerchampionship
The country fastens: ASI
Asian billiards tounament (Asiansnookerchampionship) the table tennis match that is Asian top level, hold every year.

3: World profession tounament (Sinuoke) :
Chinese name: World profession tounament (Sinuoke)
The country fastens: INT
World profession tounament (Worldprofessionalchampionship)
World profession tounament is the match that manages on behalf of world profession Nuo captures top level, it is the most important platoon that the profession manages Nuo overcomes player place to attend contest. This match only then 1927, had held 63 up to now.
World profession tounament has different name in different period:

1976 up to now: Profession of favour Baisi world makes public tounament (Embassyworldprofessionalopenchampionship) ;

1969, 1975: The profession makes public tounament (Professionalopenchampionship) ;

1964, 1968: Challenge (Challengematches) ;

1952, 1957: Professional tounament (Professionalmatch-playchampionship) ;

1927, 1940, 1946, 1952: Professional world tounament (Professionalworldchampionship) .

4: Beijing " astral card " table tennis club:
Chinese name: Beijing " astral card " table tennis club [China]
The country fastens: CHN
Brief introduction of club of billiards of Beijing star card: By Beijing star Wei sporting goods limited company aids financially this club solely.
Composition: Team member: Pang defends country, Hasimu Tuerxun, Tao Shan, Qin Ge.

5: Chinese billiards association:
Chinese billiards association
Vice-chairman: Gan Lianfang (Ganlianfang)
Secretary-general: Tang Fengxiang (Tangfengxiang)

6: Federation of world profession billiards:
Chinese name: Federation of world profession billiards
Foreign language name: Worldprofessionalbilliardsadsnookerassociation
The country fastens: INT
Federation of world profession billiards (Worldprofessionalbilliardsandsnookerassociation- - Wpbsa)
Chairman: Make an appointment with Chairman:j of a place of strategic importanceOhnspencer(xh/london, 95.4.17)
[Brief introduction] federation of world profession billiards held water in Madrid on June 1, 1959.

7: World billiards federation:
Chinese name: World billiards federation
Foreign language name: Worldbilliardsunion
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