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Overcome federation about international billiards and Si Nuo
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International billiards and Si Nuo overcome federation is profession of the blame inside limits of responsible whole world Sinuoke and the organization that English billiards moves.

World billiards and Si Nuo overcome council to held water 1971, 1973 instead this. More because a lot of abroad state institute and organization think table tennis and Sinuoke control board,renown reason is (the table tennis association at that time and administrative board) the governing body that should be British home match and international level match. From this, international billiards federation became a director to be not a profession the origanization construction of Sinuoke and English billiards tounament.

International stage couplet is comprised by 64 countries, these countries all come from one of 5 Olympic areas. 5 areas are: Africa, america, asia, europe and the Oceania.

Board of directors of international stage couplet has 4 CEO officials, it is a chairman respectively, vice-chairman, secretary and treasurer, still have two representing that come from Olympic area. The daily movement that these 4 people are in charge of federation is done and be in charge of to the member on annual meeting. Normally the world Si Nuo in IBSF holds shareholder annual meeting during gram tounament.

The target of IBSF is harmonious promote and develop blame profession Sinuoke and table tennis motion, serve as at the same time worldwide the governing body inside plans the requirement such as time place for the following match:

- IBSFWorldSnookerChampionships world Si Nuo captures championship contest
- IBSFWorldTeamSnookerCup world Si Nuo overcomes group cup
- IBSFWorldUnder-21SnookerChampionships world is 21 years old of the following Si Nuo capture championship contest
- Si Nuo of IBSFWorldLadiesSnookerChampionships world woman captures championship contest
- tounament of IBSFWorldBilliardsChampionships world billiards

IBSF also acts on same target to spread out collaboration with other organization at the same time.

IBSF is world billiards federation (abbreviate WCBS) the branch of responsible Sinuoke. WCBS is to be promoted in the round human relations, pocket and Si Nuo overcome athletic organization. Its target is to make motion of these 3 kinds of billiards becomes the Olympic Games formal match project.

IBSF also organizes collaboration with professional Sinuoke and maintain good relationship, achieve Sinuoke and table tennis motion to get end of the biggest all-pervading in the whole world.

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