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World billiards is organized
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The International Olympic Committee of   of IOC  
Federation of billiards of world of WCBS  
Association of union of sports of individual event of international of   of ARISF  
Federation of sports of international of   of GAISF  
Association of motion of world of international of   of IWGA  
Billiards of world of   of UMB   is allied
Si Nuo of world of   of WSF   overcomes alliance
Federation of billiards of world of WPBSA  
Billiards of international of   of IBSF   and Si Nuo overcome federation
Federation of billiards of Europe of   of CEB  
Association of billiards of world of   of WPA  
  of AAPA   is not table tennis association completely
Billiards of Asia of   of ABPU   is allied
Association of billiards of United States of   of BCA  
Federation of billiards of Pan American of   of CPB  
Ball of bag of Europe of   of EPBF   is allied
Association of ball of Oceanian bag of   of OPBA