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Origin of world billiards association
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Found the origin of cosmopolitan organization idea

Holding Europe of top class match after tounament is old, just discover the United States also holds a lot of contests, then a lot of Europe players move to development expresses dissatisfaction and long to attend the match of higher level to European billiards. Be in after realizing this problem, the think of a way that makes a cosmopolitan organization emerge as the times require.

Looking from the history of beautiful type pocket also is to want to accomplish this a little bit, but failed. Sometimes Europe make a part hard, it is an Asia occasionally, more idea that are the organization that comes from the United States to differ. The Japan that the first match that can say going up is world tounament was 1976 (tounament) . because of that match, european realise a lot of places in the Asia also hold this kind of contest, established abecedarian connection then. Unfortunate is these effort it is to come from merely at the individual or national organization. Communicate every time lack efficiency, be like nobody to be able to realize this think of a way.

Went up at held board of directors of Germany in November 1987 in alliance of European bag ball, this idea is put forward again. Although everybody knows this is not a simple task, but agree to try, worst after all plan fails many times namely just. Come true to make its possible, all directorate member was designed from dig down one indicates and compose correspondence, begin the different organization on contemporaneity bound to establish connection. Before long, correspondence is sent there the individual that is familiar with or organization.

These philtrum have a Japanese that is called Kazuofujima. He replied very quickly us- - Asian of course organize internationally to building be very interested. This reply strengthened our confidence, then we give out invitation letter to plan to hold congress, congress is held during the European championship contest that Swedish Stockholm held 1988. Again, he replied very quickly to acknowledge believe and express to want to attend this plenary meeting. But American respect does not have any replies, want actively when Mr Gerni so we are very surprizing when representing the United States. The result of the conference is we held water temporarily board of directors, the member has Mr Kazuofujima (Japan) Mr PaulGerni (the United States) , mr Jorgensandman (Sweden) Mr HorstVondenhoff (Germany) . Everybody bear is worn the mission that develops table tennis campaign further.
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