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Jimmy - bosom spy Jimmy White

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Jimmy - bosom spy Jimmy White

Birthday: On May 2, 1962
Area: The county in England Sa
Turn professional time: 1980
Go up sports season total stake: 95, 850 pound
Professional career total stake: 4, 533, 690 pound (settle accounts arrives before 05-06 sports season)
Formal match single pole is highest cent: 147 minutes (1992 world tounament)

Professional competition is main achievement:

Obtain a profession 10 times to rank contest champion
Commercial bank celebrity surpasses champion (1986, 1991)
World car large award surpasses champion (1986, 1992)
England surpasses champion publicly (1987, 1992)
Canadian Great Master surpasses champion (1988)
Europe surpasses champion publicly (1992)
Champion of UK England tounament (1992)
Champion of tounament of Daily Record Players (2004)

Player brief introduction:
1979, he becomes champion of the youngest British amateur tounament. After a year, he becomes champion of the youngest world amateur tournament again.

1981, he gains the championship in the match that the Great Master surpasses, become Sinuoke's youngest in professional contest champion.

Rose 1982, he discharges before alive bound ranks a list of names posted up to go up 16 all the time.

80 time metaphase, jimmy. White is Steve. Davis has minatory opponent most. And be in 4 times respectively in world rank contest had won championship.

1992, jimmy. In the match that conceives tounament of profession of especially alive bound the first round, with lever of a full marks 147 degrees, beat adversary to ask the priestess. De Leiji, become the player that this contest throughout history achieves full marks lever the 2nd times.

1994 the final of tounament of that world profession is Jimmy. White is all one's life regretful, he precedes in bureau of decide the issue of the battle circumstance of 62 minutes falls 17: 18 was defeated by Si Difen - henry gets benefit.
His altogether won 22 contests championship, 6 worlds runner-up. He is called the champion " of " people, it is the most welcome, have the share of table tennis sky, player that has popularity most most. Be called again the best player " that " had not taken world champion.

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