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8 ball of Er of beautiful type general is indoor international is general and re
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N. Plan cent:
A player general all the time drive, until not him that group ball is attacked in bag. him when the player that group target ball attacks bag hind entirely, he next OK stroke 8 balls, make its are entered bag will win the contest.
O. Break a miscarriage of justice to punish:
Player of the other side holds mother ball to be in hand, mean this player to be able to put mother ball park desktop to go up anyplace (when dividing bully outside, need not after park top line) . This regulation makes player of the other side avoids to be in adverse situation. In “ the ball that support a parent is when hand ” , the player can use hand or ball rod (include ball lever top) will place mother ball, after mother ball has been placed, any illegal drive cause mother ball to move, will be regarded as error.
P. One lever much ball enters bag:
Allow one lever much ball to enter bag, however, 8 balls cannot be entered in one lever much ball become in bag enter the ball of bag above all, unless be below the position with open desktop.
Q. Enter illegally bag:
Accord with either of the following circumstance to plant, will be regarded as illegal target ball to enter bag: (1) in illegal drive target ball is entered bag. (2) target ball is entered bag, but the bag that enters is not drive person in set of the place before drive. (3) safe drive made before drive. Enter the ball of bag illegally to will stay in bag.
R. Target ball comes on stage:
Either target ball comes on stage, will be regarded as error and lose chance of this round of drive (unless 8 balls come on stage, that will lose the race) . The target ball that any coming on stage will according to the general and regular reset that places target ball.
S. Hit 8 balls:
When hitting 8 balls, mother ball is entered bag or outside target ball comes on stage, will not be sentenced to lose, next the player holds “ mother ball to be in hand ” . Attention: One lever much ball cannot be used at 8 balls into bag general.
T. The match sentences negative:
A player has the following either to plant circumstance, will be sentenced to lose:
⑴ is in attack 8 balls to enter the error when bag (unless be when bully,8 balls are entered bag) .
⑵ is in attack oneself a group last ball is entered when bag, 8 balls also are entered subsequently bag.
⑶ allows when to await 8 balls to come on stage.
8 balls enter ⑷ bag, but be entered bag do not agree beforehand.
⑸ is become 8 balls are not rightful cause ball when, attack 8 balls to enter bag.
Attention: Above circumstance must be before drive explain, did not produce situation of above be regardinged as otherwise.
U. Draw regulation:
If, after the competition having 3 rounds in every player (in all 6 rounds) , the judgment decides (if do not have a judgment, agree by bilateral player) , ball of mobile some target or make this target ball is entered bag, will be sentenced to lose, ball general by reset, the bully in original match person will new bully. This regulation will be on the desktop use below the case that remnant has two targets ball and the 8th ball only. Ask an attention: A player is successive 3 times error can be not sentenced to lose.
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