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8 ball of Er of beautiful type general is indoor international is general and re
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H. Ball of the target when bully comes on stage:
If ball of the target when bully of a player comes on stage, form error, next the player has the following choice, (1) accept a desktop to go up already some forms continue the match, or (2) the place that chooses mother ball after top line and drive.
I. Ball of the target when bully enters bag:
If 8 balls when bully of a player enter bag of bully person can request new cloth ball, new perhaps fixed position 8 balls, continue next the match. If, bully person error while 8 balls are entered bag, next the player has ball of weight new cloth, or, reset 8 balls, it is after top line bully.
J. Begin a theatrical performance:
(definition) one group has not decide to which choose in the player (pure chromosphere or ball of design and color) when, mesa will assume open position. When mesa is opened, first ball of stroke design and color (or pure chromosphere) will make pure chromosphere (or ball of design and color) into bag it is lawful. Attention: Open position is in to fall in the desktop, stroke either pure chromosphere (ball of design and color) or the target ball that 8 balls will come to cause place to cry is entered bag be accord with regulation. However, in the desktop open form falls, if 8 balls are entered at the target ball that makes first bag, the mark of the person that cannot serve as drive into the target ball of bag so, drive person the chance that loses this one round, all entering the ball of bag (except 8 balls) will take out no longer, next the player chooses target ball afresh, the desktop still is shown open. When the desktop is opened, all and illegal still stay in bag into the ball of bag.
K. Choose group:
After bully, without giving thought to the ball on the desktop by one group or two groups (pure chromosphere and ball of design and color) composition, anthology group have not make, because of bully hind, the desktop is in open position instantly, anthology group it is only after bully of a player, the ball that makes place attacks bag hind to be able to be made legally.
L. Lawful drive:
(definition) in all drive (be in open position to fall besides bully and desktop) , drive person must hit him first that group ball, and (1) the ball that has some grade is entered bag, or (2) mother ball or column of table of tend of either number ball. Ask an attention: Rebounding method can be used in drive, however, rebound in drive, mother ball must hit target ball, of condition of not contented above, will form error.
M. Safe drive:
In professional match, a player can choose stroke an apparent target ball is entered bag, the method that also can use “ safe ” will end his one round this, safe drive is a kind of lawful drive. If drive person want to pass hit some target ball, make its enter bag of intent that will achieve safe drive, so before drive, drive person the purpose that must demonstrate safe drive to the other side. If do not succeed, and, drive person hit target ball is entered bag, drive person will be asked new drive. Will stay in bag into the ball of bag in all safe drive.
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