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8 ball of Er of beautiful type general is indoor international is general and re
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Game summarizes:
8 ball is one kind makes a ball kind pool game, it uses ball of a mother and mark to one come the 15 targets ball of 15. When game, a player can will come 7 balls (pure chromosphere) attack in bag, and another player can will 9 to 15 balls (ball of design and color) attack in bag, hit that group of oneself balls bag hind, most hit 8 balls of black legally the player into bag to will win a victory first.
B. Make a ball:
Be in very apparent when making a ball, which ball of specific stroke and the which ball bag that want do not need to point out certainly, when drive of a player, another player should attack which ball to will enter which bag in very not clear the other side when, authority asks the other side points out, rebound to be entered with much ball bag must make clear, want to notice to point out a bag to which one ball and this ball will enter which, when making a ball, not was necessary completely to point out those such as rebound, the frequency of attrition, take out no longer into the ball of bag in error, without giving thought to the person that it attributes drive or the other side, bully can not make a ball, after bully if target ball is entered legally bag, drive person will authority continues drive.
C. Cloth ball:
Target ball is put to be in the bottom of ball stage, show a triangle, 8 balls inter, a horn of the triangle must be on horny dot, ball of a design and color is on a horn, a pure chromosphere is on another horn.
D. Guess first:
Guess first the opportunity that the winner will gain bully, in individual match, player general by turns bully.
E. Move illegally:
Chair without the judgment when a match, “ has ” of mother ball error only is competition regulation when, the player should be clear, any trying that jump over, bypass some target ball will have stroke the behavior of another target ball, if cause what the target ball that should have jumped moves, will be regarded as error (no matter this target ball is be moved by lever of hand, ball or stack) .
F. Lawful bully:
(definition) lawful bully (after mother ball is located in top line) must have (1) one ball is entered bag, or (2) at least 4 targets ball contacts a bank, when bully person when abortive bully, form error, next the player has the following choice: (1) accept a desktop to go up already some situations have the competition; (2) new cloth ball, have him right bully or the person that allow error is new bully.
G. Enter in lawful bully bag:
If a player is driving the nut in the bureau legally,the ball all is entered with a certain number of target balls bag, criterion (1) all entering the ball of bag is not taken out (except 8 balls) . (2) form error. (3) the desktop already became open state, ask an attention: Next the player will be after top line reset mother ball and bully, but cannot hit the target ball after be in top line, the method that unless this player is used,rebounds hits this target ball.
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