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9 balls game is regular
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One, equipment:
1. mesa norms: A. The edge grows 254 centimeters inside. B. Inside the edge is 127 centimeters wide. C. 80 centimeters tall. D. The distance is the edge inside horny bag mouth recently 10.5 centimeters (± 1 millimeter) , mouth of lumbar bag bag is 1.5 centimeters wider than horny bag.
2. mesa indicates:
Bully line: Inside mesa the edge grows 1/4 point, the picture grows parallel the horizontal line at stage bizygomatic breadth, namely bully line.
Buy ball nods: The horizontal route that chooses along long 3/4 inside mesa and inside the crossing that sets upright a line along wide center, namely buy ball dot.
3. ball:
Advocate ball (white) , 1 (yellow) 2 (orchid) , 3 (red) , 4 (violet) , 5 (pink) , 6 (green) , 7 (palm) , 8 (black) 9 (Huang Tiaohua is lubricious) .
Every ball weighs 170 grams, diametical 5.71-5.75 centimeter.

2, of nine pompon put
Nine pompon is placed into lozenge, a ball is located in on buy ball dot, 9 balls are located in among lozenge, the others ball can be put arbitrarily, nine ball should be placed leaning closely, cannot have space.

3, bully counterpoises
Two players each hold a ball, after bully line, hit the ball at the same time to top bank, make its again resilient come, the ball is close to De Yan's player most, authority chooses bully.
If have following case, lose option.
1. ball came up against left or right bank.
2. ball transcends central line.
3. ball did not come up against a bank.
4. hits the ball into bag.
5. hits the ball to the side of bag mouth, and the brim of the ball already exceeded a bank.

4, regular
Bully player is after bully line, freedom chooses bully place, begin to be hit from a pompon, hit 9 balls into according to foreword bag, calculate win one bureau, the target ball on mesa is the pompon of the smallest number forever.

5, bully
1. bully player must strike a ball first, and in nine ball, want to 4 pompon come up against a bank the least, or pompon is entered bag, just consider bully effective.
After 2. bully, if advocate the ball is entered bag or attack a mesa need not new bully, change adversary to fly free ball.
After 3. bully, be like a pompon to attack a mesa, the ball that leaves a stage need not replace mesa, change adversary to fly free ball.
After 4. bully, if hit 9 balls,publish a range, place 9 balls in buy ball dot, if there is a ball to hold off on buy ball dot, place 9 balls on buy ball dot and the perpendicular that carry a bank on the head to stand by buy ball to nod locally, change adversary to fly free ball.
After 5. bully, if pompon is entered bag, the player can continue drive.
If 6. is in when bully, hit 9 balls into according to regulation bag, calculate win one bureau, can continue bully.
Who wins 7. this bureau victory nature acquires right of bully of below one bureau.

6, free ball
When the player fouls, adversary is OK advocate the ball grabs the positional uppercut ball that has most to oneself.
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