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Regulation of 16 balls game introduces beautiful type pocket
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Ball of bully area, buy nods:

Be apart from hemline with ball director casing midpoint of 1/5 place parallel is the centre of a circle, diameter of edge of 1/6 wide, stages relying on a bottom inside the circle is bully area. The two bag and two waists bag are diagonal node on bully area, for buy ball dot.

Ball of beautiful type pocket and put:

Ball of beautiful type pocket shares 16, white mother ball 1, date of panchromatic ball 1-7, spend chromosphere 9-15 mark, 8 balls are black. 15 pompon are placed triangularly, 8 balls are put in the 3rd among, the ball should differ panchromatic and design and color to put as far as possible.

Bully counterpoises:

Can use cast the method of coin decides bully counterpoises, also can let bully of the other side, the following every bureau match uses rotate bully method.

Notch effectively principle:

According to color separation, without order, point to ball and the principle place of calm bag the target ball of down is effective. The player nods bully arbitrarily inside bully area, need not press order, must appoint a ball calm bag hits the target ball that cent belongs to him entirely goal bag, hit 8 balls finally, and compasses hit into black 8 person win the contest.

One, bully

1, bully hind must have 1 ball pocket or 4 balls touch frame, it is invalid bully otherwise;

2, appear after invalid bully, other one party has authority to choose drive, or requirement opposite party is new bully;

3, bully is normal down after ball of a target, can continue drive, the ball set that is belonged to by down ball place is a player ball set of the following target;

4, bully down two different groups are other target ball, the ball set that ball hand can choose to be helpful for his makes target ball set;

5, there is ball pocket after bully, should by drive of player of other one party, player of other one party can choose target ball according to ball situation random;

6, pocket of ball of the mother after bully, outside having a ball or appear other foul behavior, answer to place ball reopen again.

7, when bully black 8 pocket, outside, do not calculate be defeated bureau, sentence bully to foul, place ball reopen again.

2, foul

Empty lever; Mother ball pocket; Connecting rod; Jump ball; Out-of-bounds; The fault hits target ball; The fault is attacked advocate ball; Double foot leaves the ground when drive; The ball did not stop firm with respect to drive; The ball was not placed good with respect to drive; There is ball pocket after drive or hit stage limit.

Foul while the target ball of down one's own side, should take out from inside bag place on buy ball dot again. Attack take out no longer into ball of the other side; Appear foul, the other side opens free kick, mother ball can be placed in any positions on mesa, drive direction is optional.

3, breach of rules is broken machine

Hit the target ball that did not appoint; Did not make clear ball of target pointing to a newspaper and bag mouth; Enter without one ball after drive bag or the edge that touch a stage; Designation target ball not down arrives inside designation bag, answer to take out its ball of heavy replace buy to nod.
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