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16 pompon game is regular
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Definition: Free drive counterpoises
1, when one party fouls, the other side but will advocate position of random of ball park mesa begins drive.
2, the free ball of the line is when showing bully one party fouls, the one party that catchs free ball can will advocate the ball is in meaning of bully line successor is placed, can hit the aleatoric target ball between dozen of bully line and top edge only.

One, match means
8 balls game is used same advocate ball (white) reach 1 go to 15 in all 15 targets ball, 1 it is panchromatic ball to 7 balls, 8 are black ball, 9 it is double chromosphere to 15 (call design and color the ball again) .
Match both sides decides a kind of ball by regulation (panchromatic or it is design and color) the rightful cause ball that is oneself, in hitting this square target ball 8 bags by regulation entirely hind, hit 8 balls the one party of bag to win victory again this bureau. If one party is in,match midway hits 8 balls by accident bag or hit 8 balls from mesa, criterion the other side wins victory this bureau.

2, equipment
1, ball stage: Inside × 1270mm of edge dimension 2540mm, to the side of the library from the ground coping height is 800mm - - 850mm.
2, ball lever: Need the standard that accords with Chinese billiards association to approbate.
3, wear lever: The match must use sports meet place to offer.
4, buy ball dot: Ball director spurs the drop of 635mm carrying a library on the head on boundary central line.
5, bully line: Parallel at library of ball stage bottom, be apart from hemline 450mm, what intersect with or so two libraries is linear.
6, bully area: The effective bully division that gives in the picture on mesa by match organizing committee (appear on professional match commonly) .

3, put a ball
Platoon of ball of the target before bully labels a triangle, in all 5, every volleyball number is respectively reach 5. Park of the first a ball ' buy ball is nodded ' , 8 balls are located in the 3rd intermediate position, panchromatic of other target ball and interval of design and color leave to be put at will, but must each other are clingy. Match both sides all has authority to check a ball to put whether to accord with regulation, ask to amend.

4, bully
1, head bureau bully authority is decided really be in by both sides after bully line in the meantime respectively to hemline stroke two of same norms advocate ball, touch after hemline is resilient dormant. The one party that the ball leaves a side is nearer obtains bully to counterpoise.
If attack,be into bag criterion foul, win bully right by the other side; If bilateral ball leaves the distance side the top identical but cannot decide or both sides fouls, undertake bully counterpoises be obtaininged till one party afresh.
2, agonistic organizing committee can decide to both sides is when much bureau match before contest by turns bully or You Shengfang bully.
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