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Snooker game is regular

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One, standard ball stage:
Si Nuo overcomes mesa norms:
1, of standard ball stage inside edge contest area is 3569mmx1778mm, (11ft81/2inx5ft10in) error is losing 13mm(to losing 1/2in) more than.
2, the height of ball desk arrives from the floor to 876mm(for 851mm by the side of stage casing 2tf91/2in arrives 2ft101/2in) .
3, bag mouth width:
(1) of ball desk all around each have bag of a ball (two bag making a top that are located in buy ball to order one end, two bag making a copy that are located in penalty area one aspect of the matter) ; The heart has opening of a bag each in the middle of two of stage of other explicit sphere long sides (the bag in calling) .
(2) the width of bag mouth should accord with world profession to compare a type and snooker union (WPBSA) affirmatory standard (be apart from 85.0mm recently) .
4, bully line and bottom area:
737mm(29in) of the edge inside the bank end the distance, picture one linear parallel at bottom bank, call bully line; The area between bully line and bottom bank is bottom area.
5, bully area (D area) :
Inside D area, it is the centre of a circle with the midpoint of bully line, the hemicycle that goes out for radius picture with 292mm(111/2in) is bully area.
6, buy ball dot:
(1) there is dot of 4 buys ball to be located in on fore-and-aft center line on ball stage, among them:
A) black ball nods: The bank that be apart from a top is perpendicular the distance is 324mm(123/4in)
B) La Qiu nods: In the middle of ball desk heart
C) pink ball nods: Carry bank and blue ball dot on the head to connect a line in the middle of dot
D) palm ball nods: The center of bully line
Look from a side of bully area, the right crossing of D area and bully area is Huang Qiu to nod; Left crossing is green ball dot.

2, ball
All balls are to apply high grade material to make, the diameter of every ball is 52.5mm, tolerancepublic errand should be in losing 0.05mm limits inside, in the meantime:
1, the weight of all balls must identical, every public errand of deputy ball should be in losing 3g limits inside.
2, change a ball or a pair of ball, need classics both sides to the athlete agrees or be decided by ref.
3, ball lever: The ball rod that the match uses is not gotten short at 914mm(3ft) , and there must not be bigger difference in the exterior of ball lever and structure and tradition and the form that are approved extensively.
4, assistor fetterses: When the athlete is in the position that goes against movement rod, can use all sorts of wearing the appliance such as lever, senior staff, lengthen lever and join canal. Can ping-pong deploys these weapon so, the athlete is taken oneself or also can offer by ref. The design parameter that all appliance must offer by WPBSA place is made.

3, the match
Sinuokebi is surpassed by two or the person of two above alone or undertake by the side of cent. Can summarize as follows:
1, when the match, players are used identical advocate ball of ball stroke target. Share 21 targets ball, among them: 15 red balls each minute; Maize ball 2 minutes; Green ball 3 minutes; Brown ball 4 minutes; Blue ball 5 minutes; Pink ball 6 minutes; Black ball 7 minutes;
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