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Regulation of table tennis project introduces: The history moves on long table

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Table tennis is a kind of indoor ball games, heretofore already had 559 years of histories. The game of bowl of a kind of meadow of France of traceable of table tennis motion, namely the dibble on outdoors ground, advance the ball a kind inside the hole to play a way with wooden v&n bastinado. Spaish took this kind of sport to America mainland 1565, the United States held contest of the first formal billiards 1855.

Table tennis is pressed play law, regulation to be able to be divided it is two kinds big, pocket type billiards and strike type billiard ball. Press an area and can divide for: Billiards of English billiards, French, beautiful type billiards. Flower beauty belongs to pocket type, france is belonged to bump type.

The development through hundreds years is perfect, the project basically divides commonner billiards to be pocket billiards for cent (Billie) , chromatic billiards (Sinuoke) , 4 balls billiard ball (human relations) , beautiful type 8 balls (general Er) with beautiful type 9 balls a few kinds.

Stage dish cent is two kinds: Pocket stage dish mesa grows 4 meters commonly, 2 meters wide, mix quadrilateral the pouch that 6 set to be plunged into with fine net in all between both sides waist. Whole mesa and edge shop with green; 4 balls stage dish than pocket stage dish slightly small, its are mixed quadrilateral pocket is not set between the waist. The bat of drive grows 1.25 meters to go to 1.55 meters.

First billiard ball, there are two balls only on ball stage, to 1775 the French gives again added a red ball, the Englishman follows imitated, there were 3 balls on ball stage right now. Play this kind the law cries " human relations " , drive person scores a goal the ball top of the other side bag, or hit two balls to say at the same time " double " , can notch. This kind plays a way, it is us the billiard of type of 3 balls pocket that plays now is primitive play a way, namely English billiards " Billie "

Snooker origin has a paragraph of fokelore. 1875, of India of a be stationed there is Zhang Bailun of • of Ni Weier of a junior officer of a youth to feel they play 3 balls table tennis everyday in article county army group especially very drab, produced improvement opinion then, added ball of a black. Through period of time, again officer of a youth suggested to add ball of a pink again, as the addition that the ball counts, increased the interest that play not only, also abounded the method that plays a ball at the same time, increase pompon of a few kinds of different color continuously again later, ball number shares 22, have 15 red chromosphere among them, the colour chromosphere of 6 different color and a white advocate ball. Feel through practice dozen, formulate method of a match and regulation. 1880, the Englishman makes an appointment with writing • Rob to hit the snooker from India again especially law and regulation brought back England. But, be in English billiards heat at that time, average a famous player and audience are fond of English billiards. The snooker cannot cause the attention of people at all. Till 20 centuries 30 time, english billiards with each passing day be on the wane, a lot of player just change one's political stand a snooker gradually, from now on the snooker just begins to be in England flourishing rise, the state that became England ball, up-to-date.

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