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Table tennis hang -- the skill of jump ball
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In snooker regulation, mother ball jumps over the first ball and hit the target ball from the back to will be sentenced be foul, but in beautiful type 9 balls are mixed in 16 colour regulation, wanting drive to nod only is to be in on half of mother ball (the sort of tap-off that is not lever of dozen of small staff thorn) , this kind of tap-off is active drive. In beautiful type in 9 balls game, often can see ace jumps over obstacle ball to infiltrate target ball bag of medium wonderful occasion, your person cries absolutely.

So this kind of tap-off is how to be hit, is mother ball how jump? From mechanical angle explanation, ball lever is attacked with certain angle of depression piece, of mother ball suffer force to be able to be decomposed be down two force to be mixed ahead, the force that be down makes mother ball start, forward force makes mother ball ongoing, this understands very easily.

Look from drive movement, dozen jump ball and tie staff some are similar, ball staff defensive position is high cock, but both gimmick is disparate. Want to hit a jump ball, the banking angle of ball lever should be more than 30 degrees at least, great much time should be in 45 degrees of above, use be nodded in the middle of ball of lever stroke mother suddenly energetically or slant a bit on, slant left or slant right will turn curve into the ball and lose front sight. Alleged a strength that lever points to to A dot and K are nodded is similar, use 8 go hitting to 9 become force. The applied limits of jump ball is finite, above all defensive position wants the range in can high cock, and obstacle ball leaves mother ball too far or too close be no good. The jump ball that hits the most easily is library of mother ball press close to normally, one feet controls ball of mother of obstacle ball distance, and just held back on goal line very small one part, because this kind of circumstance leaves defensive position very easy cock, mother ball also need not jump very high, can begin practice to rise from this kind of ball. The strength of lever is greater, angle of ball lever cock is taller, the effect of jump ball is more apparent, specific how to apply be about to rely on much at ordinary times exercise. Jump ball is beautiful type the high skill of 9 balls, in such at odds spend definitely below drive movement sure sell at a discount greatly, the risk is very accordingly big, unless have no alternative,do not try jump ball otherwise. But from additionally angle is told, can hitting the tap-off with one wonderful lever to enter bag general is very happy thing, it is the largest award of pair of ball hands.

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