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Hair " billiard is the most essential "
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Billiard is the the most essential, most crucial technology, it is to master right drive movement of course. Because have only such, ability assures to give staff straight changeless line, ball inviting a parent advances by our apiration; Just also can make our drive has erupt force, play all sorts of lever law effects. I feel this is we want above all the most serious the thing that goes mastering, other is like all sorts of station appearance, hand appearance, a place of strategic importance, lever laws, fall not fathomless, in can practicing, oneself master rise.

I feel the first point of drive movement is to grasp lever. The scarcely that grasp lever can be grasped too close, basic hand-type is: Hold ball lever gently with big toe, forefinger, middle finger, two finger empty holds other; OK also of figure such saying, form a rings with big toe, forefinger, middle finger, ball lever gently ring, other two show empty is grasped. How is grasping the degree of tightness of lever to spend just the most appropriate? Be like Davis to had told: The degree of tightness that grasps lever is spent, depend on others just can taking out ball lever gently from your hand come.

Another point of drive movement is pull rod of course. Say strictly, should not make draw bar, and cry " hind place " more appropriate. The method grasping lever in front has said, grasping lever is not to clutch staff, resemble pendulum however same ball lever ring, this decided we are not to capture lever in the future to pull, however small arm takes lever in the future to place, like be just like pendulum of relaxed nature swing. This are very important, calculating us is range is very big swing, in the one split second that gives staff, not be to clutch staff, however the belt of small arm, finger lever. This movement has been done, be decisive nature send lever forth, whole drive movement was finished.

Had made the motion above, achieve what what Davis asks easily also: Small arm and ball staff are perpendicular, large arm and ball lever are same and linear. These a few movements want a place, dispute often has scientific reason, had done this only when, the drive motion that just can assure us is constant model, make movement rod fluent, straightforward. Each dish bird friend mights as well do an exercise more, all metropolises become very natural. Remember: Have nature only, just be correct

Wear the pose of lever:
Station, with grasping lever, with us the method that uses below the circumstance at ordinary times differs completely. When the hand with can be used normal when us is worn, the arm that grasp lever and ball lever cross mother ball, those who show to aim at is linear. Should use a rod implement when, elbow is the flank in ball lever, movements of arm of the brandish that finish, and stroke mother ball still is to be in to go up point-blank. To achieve this, your station should change to suit you to complete drive in flank. If we can make the arm of the hand that grasp lever OK follow desktop parallel, will hit to us help somewhat point-blank. We had better put ball staff in slightly under the eye, come so ball lever, wear lever tail even sometimes, can help us finish pair of neat link when aiming at.
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