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How to cope with the ball that stick a library
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No matter be,playing a ball game at ordinary times or in the match, via regular meeting occurrence Bai Qiu sticks the circumstance of the library, the drive point that can offer an alternative by meanwhile is narrow, bridge a lever is very no-go, make drive becomes difficult thereby, if processing is bad, can affect the drive of below one lever directly more, cause error even. Be opposite because of this this kind of situation, a lot of people can feel very intractable, especially a few abecedarian can have the feeling that do not know how to start even.
Stick library ball so terrible really? How we ought to have handled the ball that stick a library? So-called suit the remedy to the case, want to solve a problem, have to find out the crucial place of the problem, here, we analyse the characteristic of the ball that stick a library first.

One, the worry of the ball that stick a library

In Bai Qiu want to hit the ball well and truly when clingy library edge piece, still must rely on yourself what make great efforts at ordinary times, if your basic training is sound, add proper method, so it is easy that processing rises to be met a lot of.

1 , Bai Qiu sticks a library to force you to must be by the side of the library wear lever, because this meeting makes eye than ever more stand by Bai Qiu, this is meant it is more difficult to aim at, especially target ball is opposite in ball stage and when.

2, it can bring about you to spend more time to observe advocate ball.

3, in the library edge wearing lever also shortened the usable activity distance of movement rod, and bring about a lever pass fast.

4, because wear the arm of lever impending, can bring about a lever to be stabilized not quite, be in especially the one split second that gives staff.

5, can the coping of stroke Bai Qiu, because this is right its control is very finite.

2, of the ball that stick a library bridge

After the characteristic that understood the ball that stick a library, we seek the way that settles it now. Want to hit target ball into, accurate and successful biff is very important; Want to have accurate and successful biff, must want to have a firm and appropriate lever, just think, the foundation is groggy, how likely is superstratum reliable?
Accordingly, here we basically talk about a lever, the technology of drive respect, but that is freezing 3 feet, be by no means result of a day, just must go through ceaseless training.

Wear lever commonly to be able to maintain the hand in stage edge only above, library edge compares mesa originally tall, plus bridging height, force you to must be used what need steeper angle to give staff than ever.

If Bai Qiu did not stick a library completely, edge leaving a library still has the space of a few, this kind of method can be used when wearing lever so. Make the same score the hand put on stage edge, ball lever is put between forefinger and middle finger, can make when drive ball lever keeps stable and smooth so. * is like Bai Qiu to stick library edge closely, before that one kind of method is helpless. Right now can handle wrist is flagging, finger is smooth stick on stage edge, such since, whole wearing lever also is very firm.
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