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Psychology trains
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Fine table tennis athlete must have good psychological quality. Every athlete has his psychological characteristic, and the style that these psychological characteristics often decided to he play a ball game. Train at ordinary times and be accumulated in the match and the education of psychological quality is become, the match is Protean, sometimes the victory or defeat of the match, often depend on psychological quality.

In a lot of matches, psychology often is to change for many times evenly. Same ball sometimes you can be attacked, meet however sometimes defence. Of course, no matter how the condition on mesa wants attack,have some of ball (or abandon) , optimal ball is accrual the biggest and risk is the least, this is the principle of all things. Same, worst ball is accrual the smallest, and risk is the biggest. Important is have one's head screwed on the right way, mental concentration, strive for optimal ball for oneself, leave the most dangerous ball to adversary. Play a ball game must establish self-confident heart, and self-confident heart is built on technical level. Encounter a strong opponent to be fear of, should regard the strong opponent as some places are stronger than oneself, some places are weaker than oneself, the good qualities of escape adversary, produce oneself advantage. For example, technology of adversary waist bag is a bit wrong, bottom bag technology is better, should avoid ball of adversary render bag as far as possible. Do not want to flaunt his superiority blindly, break away from oneself actual level, create favorable opportunity to adversary. Hit a law to want safe nature, although situation of station standing position is endless identical, the gimmick of drive is same however, do not want the skill with pure perfect pursuit, that is one kind psychedelic. Your all body and mind should be sided with win a ball, is not to force his to reach level of some kind of technology. Notice even diligent at watching outstanding player, absorb certain good qualities naturally, but do not want draw a forced analogy, turn oneself into the duplicate of other. Wanting the technical link that rise is drive strategy, increase drive scope, all sorts of circumstances that the analysis ever had appeared, maintain the self-confident heart that makes a way to oneself. Want to treat oneself limitation realistically. If you are,playing a ball game with an ace, not nervous, want to loosen, tell oneself, you can win certainly. The most nervous ball hand is completely almost most the player that fears to fail. No matter play a ball game with who, want to think of the possibility that be defeated, and learn to accept failure gladly even.

Play a ball game cannot too confused, also cannot too firm. Aim at perpetually, its effect and like be not being aimed at, return can dispersive attention, can lose the rhythm that match place needs. Respecting rhythm, be necessary to emphasize, every ball hand has his rhythm feeling in the match, this kind of feeling comes out through a lot of race education. When should notch, have kind of feeling beforehand it seems that, if one bureau or a match have this kind of feeling, explain rhythm is pretty good, if do not have this kind of feeling, should enter do not enter, entered muddleheadedly without holding ball, this should come down calmly, the consideration considers his rhythm. Do not want without thinking, take ball lever to be hit, by good luck goal rises to his technology without advantage. In the meantime, also should be clear about, safe ball is OK and roily the mood of adversary, destroy the rhythm feeling of adversary, but he also can treat himself likewise. We know, athletic psychology has a few kinds of kinds, be like introversion model, extroversion, impetuous Yu Xing, dissension etc. Extroversion characteristic is to like be in the limelight, the attention that likes a great master in a public occasion is centered to him body, suit easily to the circumstances all round. The athlete of type of this kind of psychology is training at ordinary times and problem of careful, comprehensive consideration should be developed in the match, overcome impatient sentiment. When attention is a little dispersive, seasoned ball prevents slippery pink to should make the instrument that concentrates energy on handgrip. The ball is hit hard, be anxious but unable to do anything trashy also. Lived firmly, consider how to should be hit next, on some prevent slippery pink, stand firm remembers even after energy is centered. To be helpful for attention concentration, should not be when adversary plays a ball game sit down, sit to feel lacking in initiative and overcautious, was like an audience, begin to enjoy the performance of adversary, such this oneself when playing a ball game often the thought is answered do not come. Considering active assault only, you just can move toward champion in mentally. And if often considering defence, that can be to avoiding to fail only. No matter be,be defeated, want what hold to oneself from beginning to end to make a way. If you are quite procurable, also using beyond the mark and excited, because excited you will be dispersive attention. If the circumstance is right you are adverse, also need not crestfallen. The education of psychological quality is not the thing of in one day, be in at ordinary times the education that is about to note psychological quality in training and match, want to let oneself get used to all sorts of circumstances, play a few games more. Some people have a lot of people to surround view level play to had been jumped over the more, some is contrary, here has problem of quality of a psychology. To surrounding the opinion that watchs a person oneself should have definite idea, do not want others to say how he is hit, give oneself strong point lost, of course, formal match is not to allow an audience speech and roaring.
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