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How does table tennis athlete develop his potential
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In brutal table tennis world, before people often hears the athlete is surpassed, feeling oneself are hit is better than before was defeated instead. This generated question: "Why to meet such? " the answer is quite simple, because the athlete's thought follows action join not to go up,be, because this arose,this kind opposes a kill. Settlement way is not simple, but after reading what do by the PasiSyrja place of Jyvaskyla university to teach the research with health to report about motion, sports when you, you can find a few very logical discovery and feasible method to overcome from which how to make athlete play gets incisively and vividly this difficult problem.

Need notices to bring up successful mood. Somebody includes to have with a group with 4 years of much time male female athlete did a research. The purpose of this research depends on finding out the reason that why so much athlete doesn't win to reach its to arise in the moment of truth. Clearly, these questions may be as same as individual or group relevant. Research summary gives particularly obvious fact, it is every athlete, no matter men and women, their mood and the reaction that follow are different, this arises just about alleged " problem " main reason. The disturbed meeting that rejects to accept and admit a mood to go up to someone else generates additional pressure to the individual, and such doing hampered by " should win " psychology arises, of already special and rising mood release. Consider to make clear, a lot of coaches and people, include a player, original and attendant the right goes helping, did as a result of their lack knowledge and unidentified state however actually rather thing. This sports psychology considers to emphasize research mood to be in athlete lifetime the main effect that has. The athlete that considers to discover technical practised has all sorts of different moods to react to different situation, and most the most important is coach and athlete admit them active with negative attitude, such ability apply these to the largest dominant position. Research shows the mood is not divided right or wrong. Meet when succeed e.g. some athletes lofty aspirations and great ideals, some are done not have so fight is high-spirited. If train athlete consciousness these useful or harmful moods, go departing they let positive sentiment take dominant place, so the athlete lasts with respect to the top level that can yield his longer. The mood that even if profile applies it to find out the overall reaction when the athlete wins or be defeated to because differ,write down everybody closely,does a mood for the match is met make different response. Press to every athlete the following 4 kinds of basic sentiments make a chart: Active-----Active,-----Inactive,-----Inactive. Let an athlete be like,use an adjective with match hind before the match next " energetic " , "Happy " , "Nervous " the feeling that will describe oneself etc. For example, "Energetic " belong to " active " this kind, "Relaxed " belong to " active, " this kind, same individual feels " nervous " , namely " inactive, " this kind, "Painful " belong to " inactive " a kind. Continuously this kind of vertical profile that records a few months to be able to make show a series of feeling pattern, this graph turns and make the athlete focuses attention the mood when win, because this also makes,they can release a more positive attitude. Make once you did vertical profile,your vertical profile maintains Changxin, you come very likely with it aggrandizement your motion. You must write down your mood closely to be able to be changed as the elapse of time. Make your feeling maintains Chang Xinneng to make you continue to use mood profile achieve positive result. With this kind of method, you make your idea becomes effectively of the front, is not negative, also won't hear us to be familiar with " he or she is crestfallen " view. There is blackart formula on the world, depend on successfully the effort that you give. This kind of method has checked, simple and time-consuming little. Try this kind of method you won't have any losses, probably you may have accident surprise.
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