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9 balls train beautiful type method
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Will tell commonly, beautiful type lover of ping-pong of primary beauty type can not play 9 balls, because it is right,go the demand is higher. So, in primary level, doing a few corresponding training is very necessary, otherwise, you may be inside a paragraph of quite long time, ball ability can stay on a level and very difficult progress.

1 . I am held with quite in primary level a person plays a ball game alone. (1) , to slow heat model the friend will tell, will faster mention excited dot; (2) , will tell to a few balls that feel to be necessary to be hit again, you are OK restoration is again experienced; (3) , remember, must regard other of mother ball stroke as chromosphere with Bai Qiu, because be like the word that regards mother ball as stroke with chromosphere, cause visual error easily; (4) , every stroke before one take second place, must brush artful gram; (5) , incorrect pose may be the biggest reason of your drive error; (6) , cultivate oneself air giving staff, when encountering easy ball brash give staff, also do not take aim in the horizontal stroke when encountering hard ball vertical stroke takes aim. The hesitation before giving staff will cause error directly; (7) , need takes a rest after training of 2 hours, because at that time, you are very easy as a result of tired and give staff at will, as time passes is met nurturance plays a ball game halfhearted bad habit.

2. In beautiful type pool, walk along mother ball to in bank division is very important, this and Si Nuo overcome control to there is very big distinction in fluctuation bank.

3. Should observe good mother ball goes before drive cut a place really, will tell to a few ace, take a left that in the next mouth of the bag that be entered by stroke ball and its correspondence connects a line or the right side, need considers well, because this is to had been done again next the requirement that is stricken to play a ball game, be told so to 9 balls activity, you must go considering what play 2 balls, otherwise, you are hit probably into in work laboriously mother ball make it is difficult after 8 balls ball or drop bag and painful break this bureau.

4. Answer a ball the importance in 9 balls is self-evident, some friends ball has been hit very definitely, and to answering a ball however often error again and again, I introduce a kind of exercise method that answers a ball to give authority: 3 stars interpret ball law. A star on armrest of stage of beautiful type ball it is very useful, you can judge an angle of incidence of the ball and an angle of refraction from this. But my individual thinks " rely on 3 banks to touch a ball to notch " it is better exercise method, following: Buy on the two chromosphere dot at fluctuation bank, mother ball go up at the horizontal line of bully area, another chromosphere is touched to notch after ball of the mother after stroke mother ball touchs a chromosphere relies on 3 banks, if did not come up against a substitution to continue stroke, after stroke mother ball relies on 3 banks, you also can bump other first two chromosphere notch. After you practice a few times, to you the idea can have a bit very great help.
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