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The arm that wear lever and the arm that maintain staff
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JoeDavis times top class player thinks the arm that wears lever should be straightforward extension forward, donaldson, johnPulman and FredDavis, so think. (Zun Tu 1 with 2) . Contemporary player thinks so doing is not very good, they choose to curve left arm. Because curve ahead arm,curve a foreleg to be able to make at the same time the hand is worn and the body has better stability when drive. (Zun Tu 3, 4)

Graph 3 graphs 4

Present most and top class player curves left arm, although JoeDavis advocates unbend antebrachium, but he himself is when ball of stroke close library is antebrachium bent in fact, did not choose him normally pose. T left arm curves the fiercest profession player is CliffThorburn of preexistence bound champion, cannot think of to still can that ball hand can bend to resemble his in that way degree.

In the process that before swinging to just begin finally when ball lever, places, everybody can notice him must appreciably raises the body, zun Tu 5, in order to complete drive action, graph 6. If he does not raise the body, his defensive position will bump his bosom when drive, make ball lever cannot go before freedom. So big arm can sink when his drive, the direction of defensive position forward chin, present top class athlete does not have a person again so drive, present pose and movement make the stability of drive had great progress, because redundant movement decreased. Ball lever also can swing freely.


Graph 5 graphs 6


Graph 7, 8 with 9 signal 3 kinds different hind ancon position, graph 7, highlight right, resemble RayReardon and CliffThorburn. Of JohnParrott's hind ancon also right appreciably is outstanding. Graph the 11 poses that what bear an arm a little is FredDavis.

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